Infosys Coding Interview Questions

Infosys is one firm where recruiters are polite and friendly and make you feel at ease but has a demanding and tough hiring process. In this blog, we will go through a various Infosys Coding Interview Questions which is commonly asked during the interview round, as well as some crucial HR round questions. You will learn about the rounds of Infosys, programming, HR interviews, SP, and DSE exam format, Infosys salaries, and the difficulty level of the Hackwithinfy program.

Infosys Coding Interview Questions

About Infosys

Infosys Limited is a major Indian information technology corporation that focuses on business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing. The company was founded in Pune and has its headquarters in Bangalore. With time, the business hit the headlines and is today one of India’s top corporations. The company is India’s third-largest IT corporation in terms of revenue.

How to apply for a Job in Infosys?

The following are the methods to apply for a job in Infosys:

  • By submitting your CV, you can look for positions in the Professional field of the official Infosys Portal. You can anticipate a call from Infosys if there is a position available that matches your profile.
  • Apply by reference is an option. If you know a family member or friend who is presently employed at Infosys, they may be able to assist you by suggesting to you if any positions become available.
  • You can go through several employment platforms. You can set notifications for Infosys on certain job search platforms so that you’ll be informed if any positions are added. As an example, consider Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Every year, Infosys conducts many off-campus placement interviews in various places around India. Keep up with job portals for updates every day.

Infosys Coding Interview Preparation

Infosys coding interview questions are not just technical. They are primarily concerned with overall personality and behavioral features, such as how you respond to different circumstances (communication) if you can think clearly (scientific knowledge), how you tackle different types of difficulties (problem-solving), and how you handle stress (for experience).

Continually work on the areas that you highlighted in your resume to get ready for the Infosys job. Your project is also important, and questions can come as a result of it. For example, for the technical section, I would advise you to brush up on the most recent technology. and questions like, what technology did you use, what language did you code in, and so on.

To be honest, the interview tested you by how you portrayed yourself to the interviewer. Be confident, and if you don’t know anything, say no straightforwardly. Any information you have listed in your CV will be the topic of discussion of questions.

In most cases, there will be three rounds of interviews in Infosys Coding Interview Questions, which will include: Online Assessment Test, an interview for a Technical Position, and an Interview with Human Resources.

  • Criteria for Eligibility minimum of 60% in X and XII
  • Minimum of 65% in BE/B.Tech
  • There are no backlogs.
  • Maximum education gap of two years.

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Infosys Coding Interview Process

In most cases, there will be three rounds of Infosys coding interview questions, which will include: an online assessment test, a technical round which is technical answers, and an HR interview, which is the most normal round in a company’s recruiting and selection process. The following is a detailed description of the three rounds of firm recruiting.

First Round- Online Test

Grammar and IQ are tested according to the company’s standards in the first round of the Infosys recruiting and selection process. The following are some often-questioned analytical questions. The items may change, but the syntax and reasoning will remain the same. This round’s difficulty level is moderate. You can easily pass this round if you have a high IQ and excellent communication abilities.

Second Round- Technical Test

Grammar and IQ are tested according to the company’s standards in the first round of the Infosys recruiting and selection process. The following are some often-questioned analytical questions. The items may change, but the syntax and reasoning will remain the same. This round’s difficulty level is moderate. You can easily pass this round if you have a high IQ and excellent communication abilities.

Third Round- HR face-to-face Interview

If you passed the second phase, you will be moved to the third round, which is a face-to-face HR interview. HR stands for Human Resource Manager, and he will speak with you and ask you questions about the organization. Remain calm when answering questions in the HR round because he will not assess your technical ability. If you have strong communication abilities, the HR round should be easy. You simply need to introduce yourself and your firm.

The first round consists of online test questions. The following are a few samples of tests that an interviewer may ask throughout the interview rounds.

English Interview Questions at Infosys

  • Please remember to notify me when you _______ home.
  • Julie jumped _______ the pool, but it was too cold for me to swim.
  • Your blue _______ are unclean.
  • When Shikha was a little girl, she used to ________ small glass animals.
  • We ________ a wonderful 3 weeks in the south of Spain last year.

Logical Reasoning Questions at Infosys

  • In two years, the compound interest of Rs. 1200 becomes Rs. 1348.32. What is the increasing rate?
  • Consider four series: 4, 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), what number should come next?
  • If 264 * 2 = 6, 870 * 3 = 11, then 735 * 5 should be?
  • Which letter would be the tenth letter counting from your right if the first and second letters in the word ‘COMMUNICATIONS’ were swapped, as well as the third and the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh letter, and so on?
  • __ bcab __ cabc __ abca __b

Aptitude Test for Infosys

  • Gaurav’s age after 15 years will be five times that of five years ago. Gaurav’s current age?
  • X fires 5 shots versus Y’s 3, however, X kills just once in 3 shots while Y kills once in 2 shots. X kills when Y misses 27 times:
  • Gaurav’s age after 15 years will be five times that of five years ago. Gaurav’s current age?

Statement 1: The government has lately regulated the prices for professional courses, which are significantly cheaper than the rates paid by unaided institutions in the previous year.

Statement 2: Last year, parents of students launched a major protest against the excessive fees charged by independent colleges.

Technical Interview Questions at Infosys

  • What exactly is polymorphism?
  • Explain the linked list’s functioning.
  • What precisely is a database, join, and key normalization?
  • What is inheritance? What are the various kinds of inheritance?
  • What exactly are loop statements?

Infosys HR round Interview Questions

  • How is your day going so far?
  • Tell us about yourself: your prior experiences, any special projects, and so on.
  • How do you spend your weekends – what are your interests, favorite foods, hangout spots, etc?
  • What are your strongest points?
  • Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Why should I recruit you?
  • What is your leadership approach?
  • Primary Key: What is it?
  • Foreign Key: What is it?
  • Where do you picture yourself in five years?

1. What is the distinction between C++ and Java?


Pointers, unions, operator overloading, and structure are not supported by Java.

Pointers, unions, operator overloading, and structure are supported in C++.

Java has garbage collection support.

There is no garbage collection support in C++.

Java works on any platform.

All platforms support C++.

Except for multiple inheritances, Java permits inheritance.

The C++ programming language enables multiple inheritances.

Interpreted Java

C++ is compiled.

Destructor is not supported by Java.

Destructors are supported in C++.

2. Describe the term “object-oriented programming.

A computer programming model known as object-oriented programming (OOP) arranges the design of software around data or objects rather than functions and logic. An object is a data field with particular attributes and characteristics.

OOP focuses more on the objects that programmers desire to handle than on the logic necessary to do so. Large, sophisticated, and actively updated or maintained applications are a good fit for this kind of development. This includes mobile apps as well as production and design software. OOP, for instance, can be utilized in manufacturing system simulation software.

3. What exactly is a pointer?

A variable that contains the address of another variable is known as a pointer. In contrast to other variables that store data of a certain kind, a pointer saves the address of a variable. For example, although an integer pointer holds the address of an integer variable, an integer variable keeps (or saves) an integer value.

4. What exactly are virtual functions?

A member function that is declared in a base class and redefined (overridden) by a derived class is known as a virtual function. You can call a virtual function for an object of a derived class and have it run the derived class’s version of the function when you refer to a derived class object utilizing a pointer or a link to the base class.

5. Describe polymorphism.

The concept of polymorphism allows us to carry out the same activity in several ways. The words polymorphism and morphs are both Greek words. Poly means numerous, and morphs imply forms. Polymorphism means the variety of forms.

Infosys Coding Interview and Questions

1. You are given a string that only contains lowercase characters.

The letters can be duplicated or have several copies in the strings, but non-duplicates are unique and occur just once. Use indexing beginning with 1. If no such letter exists, return -1.

constrains: 1<= length of string <=10^5

    Input           Output
    statistics     3
    Hack the game  3

2. Complete the function: GetUniqueLetter ()

He chose two integers, N and K, and decided to write down in a notebook all integer arrays of length K (in the form a[1], a[2],…, a[K]), where every number a[i] is divisible by a[i] (where 1 < i <= K).

Because the answer could be huge, print it modulo 10000.


    //The first line contains an integer, n, which represents the arrays' maximum possible value.
    //The following line has an integer, k, which represents the length of the arrays.
    Input  Output
    2     5

3. Where 2 = I = N, the consequent Li-1 > Li.

Input Format:

    //INTEGER N:
    //The first line includes an integer, N, which represents the number of items in L. N:: 1 -> 10^5
    //Each of the N lines that follow (where 0 < i ≤ N) contains an integer describing Li, the sea level of the i-th section. L[i]:: -10^9 -> 10^9
    Sample Input
    2     1

4. How many pieces can you possibly get in total? You have an amazing N-length string S.

Input Format:

    //S:: STRING
    //The first line includes a string, S, which represents the string.
    length(S) :: 1 -> 2 * 10^5 
    Sample Input   Sample Output
    abccdcabacda  2

Popular FAQs at Infosys Coding Questions Interview Process

1. How many rounds are held at Infosys?

In general, Infosys drives consist of two rounds: an online exam, Interview.

2. What subjects are included in the Infosys Exam?

Included in the Infosys written test are Logical, Verbal, Quants, Pseudocode, and Puzzles.

3. Infosys conducts how many rounds of interviews?

Infosys typically simply does one interview round during which they probe candidates on both technical and HR questions.

4. In Infosys interviews, are coding-related questions asked?

The Infosys interview does include coding-related questions.

5. What are the differences between InfyTQ and Hackwithinfy?

Hackwithinfy is a code Hackathon, whereas InfyTQ is a certification test.

6. Who may take part in Hackwithinfy?

The contestant must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry/registration and a resident of India.

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