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Looking for Azure Certification Training in Chennai? BTree provides the Best Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai, Azure Course in Chennai. Azure-certified experts are in high demand, and BTree provides the Best Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai. where you can learn Azure architecture many elements of the cloud platform, Azure Technology solutions, implementation, virtualization, Azure SQL Database, installing Azure Web App services, and so on. Our Microsoft Azure certification helps students by working on real-world scenarios which enables them to work independently on relevant projects. This Azure online training program covers Azure syllabus from beginning to expert-level concepts.

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Overview of Microsoft Azure Course in Chennai

BTree is the place for the best Microsoft Azure is creating waves in the world of cloud computing, thanks to its appeal among Major businesses. As Microsoft Azure is rapidly growing need in the IT sector for employees. If you want to work in the booming field of cloud computing then enroll in our Azure Certification Training and get assisted in mastering Azure architecture and various features of the cloud platform like Azure components and layers, designing apps, working with Azure cloud, infrastructure solutions, and much more.

We keep each student in mind and offer affordable Azure certification costs in India.Using Azure technologies and receiving practical training from Certified Professionals. Enroll today for Azure training with placement in Chennai and receive internationally recognized Azure basic certification upon course completion.

Azure is a platform for cloud computing and an online portal that you may use to access and handle Microsoft's cloud resources and services. Depending on your needs, these resources and services can store and alter your data. All you need is active internet access and the skill to access the Azure portal in order to access these resources and services. Take the initial step and enroll in an Azure certification course to gain these skills and services. The Azure platform is designed to assist organizations in managing difficulties and meeting organizational goals. It is flexible with open-source technology and provides solutions that assist many industries, including e-commerce, banking, and a number of Fortune 500 organizations. Users now have the freedom to use the tools and technology of their choice. Azure also provides four distinct kinds of cloud computing: serverless functions, platform as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Almost 200 services from Azure are available, and they are divided into 18 categories. Computers, networking, storage, the Internet of Things, migration, smartphones, analytics, containers, machine learning, artificial intelligence, management tools, security, databases, DevOps, media authentication, and internet services are some of these areas. In addition, the platform is commonly used for backup and emergency recovery. To fulfill their needs for long-term data preservation or disaster recovery (DR), many businesses employ Azure for archive storage. Do you want to be a certified Azure developer? Sign up for our Professional Microsoft Azure certification training in Chennai today to get started!

You've certainly heard of Microsoft Azure by now, but if you're still unsure about what it is, how it may help your business, and how to get started, you're not alone. Our Azure cloud training guides with all your need to know about Azure. The reach of Microsoft Azure is enormous. There is no doubt that the cloud is the future of computing. Individuals are increasingly adopting cloud services (even if they are unaware of it), and corporations are transforming their operations digitally, using the potential of cloud computing to become more productive, efficient, and competitive.

The information technology field and the rest of the world are both evolving quickly. With the help of networking, the globe is combined and information is transmitted from one end to the other. Becoming Azure certified is quite valuable. By completing our Microsoft Azure certification training in Chennai, you may enhance your career and increase your chances. One of Microsoft's most well-known and quickly growing companies is Azure, and many companies are concentrating on it as the key component of their mobile-first, cloud-first business strategy. And considering Microsoft's experience in industrial and commercial line-of-business, it is evident that Azure is well positioned for future development in one of the most significant areas of technology.

The widespread use of Microsoft Azure cloud services has increased the need for Azure training in Chennai with the certification to create cloud apps and even manage infrastructures. The need for workers increases as a large number of companies switch to Microsoft Azure. over 6,000,000 government employees use Azure's cloud-based products. You have a better chance of landing a job in the government sector if you are a certified Microsoft Azure professional. An individual becomes an essential source at work as a result, and for working professionals, it presents an opportunity to increase their necessity at their places of employment. Overall, the future is quite promising, and those that choose Azure course in Chennai as their cloud partner are wisely choosing.

Azure training and certification offered by BTree are entirely in line with market demands. Our Azure classes cover the fundamental concepts, emerging trends, and best practices for working with Azure architecture. We focus on innovative ideas and are created by Azure specialists with more than 10+ years of experience in the field of computer applications and cloud computing. To help you become a market-leading cloud technical, we offer a wide range of technical courses including a Microsoft Azure developer associate, Microsoft Azure data engineer, Azure administrator, programmer, creator, security engineer, intelligence architect, data scientist, and technology engineer and many more.

The only Azure classes center in Chennai that offers the ideal mix of theoretical and practice classes. We make sure that an individual is ready to take on any project work offered by MNCs. Azure cloud training in Chennai enables an individual to qualify for a position as a top-tier and efficient Azure specialist. Every student is eligible in experiencing hands-on experience through which multiple capstone projects and practical assignments are successfully completed.

We have offered excellent Azure training with placement to students at reasonable Microsoft Azure course fees, keeping each and every student's ambitions in mind. Our Azure classes are the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai since we are the best Azure training center in Chennai. Our Azure certification levels are high and are recognized globally. We guarantee that you are eligible to stand out from the crowd in any company by applying best practices for cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and moving current workloads to the cloud, Join our Azure certification course in Chennai to earn your Azure basic certification.

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BTree System is the best Azure Training in Chennai for kickstarting your career in the field of Azure and cloud computing. Instructors have solid technical expertise. I would suggest this Azure training in Chennai



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Azure Solution Architect

I recently finished my BTree Azure Training in Chennai. I must admit that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made because I am now working as an Azure DevOps engineer in one of the top MNCs, all thanks to BTree and my trainer.



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Azure DevOps Engineer

I am presently employed as an Azure Developer by one of the most reputable companies. They helped me find a way and achieve my goal. Thank you for offering the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai at a reasonable Azure certification cost in India.



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Azure Developer

Azure Skills Covered

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure storage

Azure App

Container services

Azure Networking – I

Azure Networking - II



Azure using RBAC

Azure Active Directory

Azure Monitoring

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Azure Tool Azure Container Apps Tool Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tool Azure Virtual Machines Tool

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Curriculum for Azure Certification Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • What is Microsoft Azure?
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • Creating a Microsoft Azure Account
  • Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell
  • Managing Azure Resources & Subscriptions
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Creating a Microsoft Azure account
  • Configuring Azure PowerShell
  • Configuring Azure CLI

Introduction to ARM & Azure Storage

  • Azure Resources & Subscriptions
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Managing Azure Resources
  • Azure Tags
  • Azure Storage Account & its types
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Azure Files Storage
  • Azure File Sync
  • Hands-on Exercise:
  • Manage Resource Groups in Azure
  • Move resource from one resource group to another
  • Apply tags
  • Create storage account
  • Access storage account
  • Create blob storage
  • Upload in blob storage
  • Create a file share
  • Creating and using CDN Endpoint

Introduction to Azure storage

  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS)
  • Azure Databox
  • Azure Storage Replication
  • Data Replication Options
  • Azure Import/Export Service

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Attach & Detach an External Storage Account
  • Storage explorer – Blob, file
  • queues and table storage
  • Backup-archive
  • Backup – Snapshots
  • Backup – AZCopy
  • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS)
  • use Azure Data Factory Copy Data tool to transfer data to Azure

Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Data Disks in Azure
  • Azure VMs & Interfaces
  • ARM templates
  • VHD templates
  • Custom Images of Azure VM
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Virtual Machine Availability Sets

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Creating and Configuring an Azure VM
  • Deploying a custom image of Azure VM
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Azure App and Container services

  • Overview of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Understanding Amazon VPC and Subnets
  • Accessing the Internet
  • Pricing for Amazon VPC
  • Amazon VPC limits
  • Networking essentials
  • Using Route Tables
  • Using Security Groups and Network ACLs
  • Launch an Instance into your VPC
  • Assign Elastic IP Instance into VPC
  • Amazon VPC Best Practices and Cost Considerations

Azure App and Container services

  • App Service Web App for Containers
  • App Service plan
  • Networking for an App Service
  • Deployment slots
  • Container image
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Container Registry

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Create an App Service Web App for Containers
  • Create a container image
  • configure Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Publish and automate image deployment to the Azure Container Registry

Azure Networking – I

  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Azure Vnet Components
  • IP Address – Public & Private IPs
  • Azure Vnet Subnets
  • Azure Network Interface Cards (NIC)
  • Network Security Group (NSG)
  • Route Tables
  • Service Tags
  • Azure DNS
  • Private DNS

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Vnet creation
  • Create and configure vnet-vnet peering
  • Verify virtual network connectivity
  • Assign static IP to VM
  • Create route tables
  • Add routes
  • Create NIC
  • Attach NIC to VM
  • Create DNS
  • Add RecordSet
  • Create NSG
  • Add security rule to NSG
  • Attach NSG to subnet
  • Verify NSG is applied

Azure Networking - II

  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Front Door Service
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Application Security Groups
  • Azure Load Balancers
  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure Bastion
  • Network Watcher
  • Azure Express Route
  • Express Route Circuits
  • Express Route Peering

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Create internal load balancer
  • Create Public load balancer
  • Application Gateway
  • Implement the Azure Front Door Service
  • implement Azure Traffic Manager
  • Deploy and configure Azure Bastion Service

Authentication and Authorization in Azure using RBAC

  • Identity and Access Management in Azure
  • Role Based Access Management (RBAC)
  • Role Definitions
  • Role Assignment in Azure Resources
  • Azure Users & Groups
  • RBAC Policies

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Hands-on Exercise:
  • Create a custom role for Azure Resources
  • Assign a role to configure access to Azure resources

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Windows AD Vs Azure AD
  • Azure AD Users
  • Azure AD Groups
  • Azure AD Domains
  • Azure AD Tenants
  • Authentication Options
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Self Service password Reset (SSPR)
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Resource Locks

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • Add or delete users using Azure Active Directory
  • Add or delete tenants using Azure Active Directory
  • Create a basic group and add members
  • Applying Resource Locks

Azure Monitoring

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Metrics
  • Log Analytics
  • Alerts and actions
  • Application Insights
  • Backup reports
  • Recovery Services Vault
  • Backing Up Azure Virtual Machines
  • VM Backup Policies
  • Restoring Azure Virtual machines

    Hands-on Exercise:

  • configure and interpret Azure metrics
  • configure Log Analytics
  • query and analyse logs
  • set up alerts and actions
  • create a Recovery Services Vault
  • Backing up and restoring a Virtual Machine

“Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in Azure Certification"

Training Options

Microsoft Azure Classroom Training

  • 50+ hours of live classroom training
  • Real-Time trainer assistance
  • Cutting-Edge on Azure Course Tools
  • Non-Crowded training batches
  • Work on real-time projects
  • Flexible timings for sessions
AWS live training

Microsoft Azure Online Training

  • 50+ Hours of online Azure Training
  • 1:1 personalised assistance
  • Practical knowledge
  • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
  • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
  • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

Azure AZ-104 Certification Course

BTree Microsoft AZ- 104 certification is an industry known which gives an extra point to your CV and helps you to prioritize your profile during the interview. Obtaining certifications is a best way to advance your career, increase your earning potential, and keep your skills updated. Our Azure course in Chennai assists you in preparing for Azure Certification exams by providing you with real-world deployment skills, guaranteeing that Azure Certified Professionals are completely equipped to deliver a successful project.

The overall Microsoft Azure course in Chennai aligns with the above-mentioned curriculum and assists you in landing the greatest positions at the leading MNCs. The Azure certification levels prove the holder's proficiency in computing, networking, security, and governance as well as cloud storage.

Moreover, it demonstrates their proficiency with the Azure portal, PowerShell, and command-line interface. Azure professionals who want to get an Azure basic certification on the platform can also enroll in Azure admin training in Chennai. In addition, Microsoft Azure Trainers provides guidance for passing the global Azure certification exams offered by Microsoft Azure.

Knowledge Hub with Additional Information of Azure Certification

If you're an IT professional upgrading your skills for a new career, you could just be starting your cloud learning journey. Whatever the case, you've definitely questioned yourself at least once: "What Azure jobs are open to me with an Azure certification? Let's have a look at some of the greatest Azure certification exams you may get after finishing Azure admin training in Chennai. As more companies move to Microsoft Azure, the demand for qualified cloud experts grows.

The more you know about Microsoft Azure certification levels, the more competitive in the job market. If you get an Azure basic certification, your job market demand can rise. Azure provides several sorts of Azure certifications, and with Azure basic Certification, you may learn how to use different cloud-based services, which can help you acquire a job or progress your career as Businesses are currently competing to hire the top people, raising salaries and placing individuals who have the necessary skills in very comfortable positions. Have a look at the Azure certifications listed below and become Azure certified by taking Btree’s Azure certification training in Chennai.

According to some, on-premise data centers have no future. Self-hosted data facilities are becoming outdated, replaced by a growing number of easily available and inexpensive cloud options, just like mainframes and dial-up modems did before them. One of the most used cloud computing systems online right now is Microsoft Azure. It is a constantly growing set of cloud services to assist your company in overcoming its operational difficulties. Apart from a diverse range of innovative and mission-critical services, Azure offers several other advantages and learning Azure cloud training in Chennai which make it desirable to businesses of all sizes.

Here are a few advantages of enrolling in the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai and adopting Microsoft Azure in organizations and reasons why getting Azure training and certification is a good idea. Many significant companies have developed in the cloud provider market, but why is using Microsoft Azure beneficial to you? The advantages of adopting Microsoft Azure are listed below.


You may instantly launch new services and geometrically grow your data storage capacity using Microsoft Azure. In contrast, a static data center would need to buy, provision, and install new hardware and operating systems before more power can be used to handle your IT difficulties. Azure course in Chennai is an alluring option for businesses of every size because of its innovative flexibility.


Azure solutions not only make it faster and easier to feature and grow infrastructure, but they also make it less expensive. The cost of physical services and infrastructure components like routers, load balancers, and faster can reach tens of thousands of dollars or even more. The IT knowledge necessary to operate this technology is another expense that is mostly paid for through wages. learn Azure at Btree, the best Azure training center in Chennai since it can drastically reduce your annual IT budget by using Microsoft's vast infrastructure and expertise.


Microsoft makes it simple to develop and test mission-critical apps. High-risk sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government frequently demand a distinct set of apps with particular compliance and security capabilities. You can use Microsoft Azure to handle specific difficulties such as adopting remote access and updating your financial systems, as well as enhancing customer connections and increasing engagement. There are even more options for savings because Microsoft also offers significant license discounts for moving existing programs to Azure.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The unimaginable may sometimes become an immediate reality. Another advantage of Microsoft Azure is, it is a fast and recognized global infrastructure, which provides limitless options for disaster recovery strategies. make sure that during recovery times of minutes or hours rather than days, your critical application and data can continue to function from redundant sites. Missed time equals lost revenue, and with Azure, you can guarantee continuous service delivery even in the worst-case scenario.

Azure offers so many services, which are classified into different categories. You may learn about a wide range of other services that Azure provides through this Azure course in Chennai, services that enhance the performance of several departments in your company and assist you in solving critical business issues. Some of the most significant Azure services are listed below by category:

Computing Services

Virtual Machine: This service allows you to quickly build a virtual computer in Windows, Linux, or any other configuration.

Cloud Services: This service allows you to build scalable cloud apps. Azure handles everything after the application is deployed, including installation, load balancing, and health monitoring.

Service Fabric: The process of creating a microservice is greatly facilitated by service fabric. A microservice is a service that incorporates additional smaller apps that are packaged together.

Functions: You may use functions to develop apps in any computer language. The nicest thing about this service is that you don't have to worry about hardware requirements while designing applications because Azure handles everything for you.


Disk Storage: This service lets you pick between HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) storage for your computer system.

Blob Storage: This service is designed to store large amounts of unstructured data, such as text and binary data.

File Storage It is possible to access this maintained file storage service via the server message block (SMB) protocol.

Queue Storage You can offer robust message queuing for a big workload using queue storage. This service is available from anywhere in the world.


Azure CDN: The purpose of the Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) is to distribute content to consumers. It has a high bandwidth and can transport material to everyone in the world.

Express Route: This service allows you to link your on-premise network to the Microsoft cloud or any other service via a private connection. As a result, the only communications that occurs here is between the corporate network and the targeted service.

Virtual network: The virtual network enables any of the Azure services to connect privately and securely with one another.

Microsoft Azure DNS: With the help of this service, you can host your DNS or system domains on Azure.

• If you're an IT professional upgrading your skills for a new career, you could just be starting your cloud learning journey. Whatever the case, you've definitely questioned yourself at least once: "What Azure jobs are open to me with an Azure Certification? Let's have a look at some of the greatest Azure Certification exams you may get after finishing Azure admin training in Chennai. As more companies move to Microsoft Azure, the demand for qualified cloud experts grows.

• The more you know about Microsoft Azure Certification levels, the more competitive in the job market. If you get an Azure basic Certification, your job market demand rises. Azure provides several sorts of Azure Certifications, and with Azure basic Certification, you may learn how to use different cloud-based services, which can help you acquire a job or progress your career as Businesses are currently competing to hire the top people, raising salaries and placing individuals who have the necessary skills in very comfortable positions. Have a look at the Azure Certifications listed below and become Azure certified by taking Btree’s Azure Certification training in Chennai.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification

The Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate manages and monitors Security for Azure resources. This Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification course assesses your technical abilities to manage identity and access, secure networking, secure computing, storage, and databases, and manage Security operations. Get prepared with us for Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification Training in Chennai to become a qualified Azure Security Engineer.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate (AZ-203) Certification

Microsoft's Azure Developer Associate AZ-203 Certification includes Azure Engineering, Azure innovation development arrangements, Azure stockpiling Administrations and agreements, Cognitive Services, for example, Computer Vision, QnA Maker, Azure assistance arrangements, and API the board Administrations. The Microsoft Azure Developer Associate AZ-203 Certification training course gets you ready for the most recent version of the Azure Developer Certified Associate test AZ-203.

Microsoft Azure Exam (AZ-900) Certification

The exam is designed for applicants who are new to Azure or are just starting to work with cloud-based solutions and services. Applicants should be knowledgeable about basic technological principles, such as networking, storage, computing, application development, and application maintenance. Your skill to explain cloud concepts, Azure architecture and services, and Azure Administration and governance is measured by this exam. Join our Microsoft Azure exam AZ-900 Certification training to get the skills you need to pass the Microsoft Azure exam AZ-900.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer (AZ-400) Certification

DevOps Engineers are developers or infrastructure administrators with subject matter knowledge in working with people, processes, and products to allow companies to provide value in a continuous manner. Engineers working in DevOps must have prior Administration and development expertise with Azure. The AZ-400 Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer expert training assist students in mastering DevOps and Azure principles and in building strong skills in, among other things, cloud architecture, Resource Manager, Virtual Network Connection, Windows PowerShell, and Azure Administration.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate exam (AZ-100) Certification

This Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate exam AI-100 requires candidates to have knowledge and expertise in creating and deploying AI applications and users that use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, Azure Cognitive Search, and Azure data storage. Enroll in our Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate exam AI-100 Certification and training to prepare for the AI-200 Associate exam and become a qualified Microsoft Azure AI Engineer.

Microsoft Azure data Engineer Associate exam (DP-201) and (DP-200) Certification

The primary responsibility of Data Engineers is to create apps and collect massive volumes of data. The Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate exam DP-200 and DP 201 Certification assist Data Engineers in doing the same but in a more professional manner. Both the DP200 and DP201 exams contain the same study modules. Prepare yourself to pass the exam by taking an Azure course in Chennai. get ready to become a Microsoft Azure data Engineer by joining the BTree system, the best Azure training center in Chennai.

Microsoft Azure solutions architect (AZ-300) and (AZ-301) Certification

To take and pass the Microsoft Azure solution architect Certification exams (AZ-300 and AZ-301), you must be able to not only administer the Azure environment but also advise your clients on a strategy to pursue based on their individual goals and business settings. Enroll in the Microsoft Azure solution architect Certification training (AZ-300,301) to learn all of these with us. Passing this exam indicates that you can transform client needs into solutions based on best practices and expertise.

Microsoft Azure administrator Associate (AZ-103) Certification

AZ-This new exam combines the concepts taught in AZ-100 and AZ-101. Azure Administrators are in charge of cloud services like storage, Security, networking, and computation. Applicants must have a thorough grasp of each service throughout the whole IT lifecycle and be able to accept requests for infrastructure services, apps, and environments. learn the Microsoft certified Azure administrator Associate AZ-103 course in Chennai to become a certified Azure administrator.

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification

This Professional Certificate is designed for Data Scientists who already know Python and machine learning frameworks such as Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and Tensorflow and want to create and run machine learning solutions on the cloud. Launch Your Data Science Career with this Microsoft-certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification training in Chennai, and learn how to manage Azure resources for machine learning, execute experiments and train models, deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions, and apply responsible machine learning.

Microsoft Azure Data Engineering (DP-203) Associate Certification

Applicants for this Certification must have a deep understanding of data processing languages such as SQL, Python, and Scala, as well as parallel processing and data architecture techniques. They should be able to design data processing solutions utilizing Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Databricks. Enroll in our Microsoft Azure Data Engineering (DP-203) Associate Certification Training in Chennai and become an expert in handling various Azure tools and techniques by learning how to use the Azure platform professionally by designing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing data platforms to meet data pipelines.

AWS vs Azure -A comprehensive comparison of the top public cloud service providers to help you determine which cloud is best for your company. According to Gartner, the cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud are creative IT powerhouses that provide extremely cost-competitive alternatives to typical on-premises hosting infrastructures. If you are new to cloud computing and cloud service providers, you can choose a cloud platform which can assist you quickly in mastering cloud computing. With our Azure cloud training in Chennai, you can master from beginner to advanced level courses and earn an Azure basic certification. Before determining which cloud is best, one should become familiar with the many major cloud service providers. Many firms want to compare AWS and Azure before shifting to a cloud-based environment. The fact, though, is that this is not a technological decision. Both AWS and Azure are reliable cloud providers that function similarly in about 99% of use cases.

Only Amazon Web Services leads Azure in terms of the market share when it comes to competition in the public cloud industry, but Microsoft is rapidly narrowing the gap and expanding its position. Cloud computing, storage, and networking are the three main components shared by AWS and Azure. Azure offers the advantage of being natively connected with several widely used corporate apps, like Office 365 and Dynamics 365, and it covers more areas in terms of geographic availability. The vast majority of IaaS-related infrastructure consumption in the market has been accounted for by Microsoft Azure. If their PaaS-related infrastructure consumption is taken into consideration, their dominance is much more comprehensive.

The choice between Azure and AWS appears more like a business choice depending on the requirements of the firm. For instance, Azure would be the greatest choice if a business needed a strong Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider or Windows integration. Enrol in our Azure training with placement in Chennai to boost your business or land a job at a big Corporation and achieve your career goals.

Three different service models are available for cloud computing:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): You have complete control over IaaS since you rent the infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS): The service provider maintains everything with a SaaS system, and you can adjust some parameters after you sign up.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): While using a PaaS solution, you are in charge of the application and the data while the service provider takes care of the rest of the stack.

How do SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS work? What are its benefits and how to use it? Avoid confusion by taking Microsoft Azure training in Chennai at BTree, the best Azure training center in Chennai. Each cloud service type offers a different amount of control, implying different levels of responsibility on your part. While choosing between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, you must choose how much management you want to do yourself and how much management you want your service provider to do. Learn about Azure in Azure online training in Chennai, put it to use in your workplace or company, and benefit from it. Let’s look at some advantages of using SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Advantages of PaaS

• Agility and faster speed to market: The pre-built application components like git repository, authentication, workflow, search, and directory services as well as IDEs like Eclipse or Visual Studio embedded into the platform can reduce the time it takes to prototype, design, and create new apps.

• Scalability and reliability with control: PaaS provides automated load balancing, scaling, and multiple availability zones to increase application dependability and availability.

• Reduce skill needs through standardization: You can grow your development activities without hiring people with the necessary expertise since PaaS offers sophisticated and commercially available components as well as built-in security, data protection, and resilience features right out of the box.

Advantages of SaaS

• Convenient and simple to use off-the-shelf options.

• Gives versatility because it is accessible from many devices and places.

• It permits budgeting and forward planning because it is a subscription-based business model.

• Self-provisioning (ability to add users as required).

• There are no installation or maintenance needs.

• You are not charged for the hardware that is used to run the program.

• You don't have to be concerned about license or maintenance costs.

• No software to install, and no support issues.

Advantage of IaaS

• Scalability and rapid provisioning are advantages of IaaS. Moreover, you can utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and fast provisioning methods to build IT resource bundles that can be deployed into pre-configured environments.

• enables dynamic scaling, allowing you to scale up or down as necessary depending on the situation.

• Resources can be easily deployed and provisioned.

• As compared to on-premises infrastructure, it makes it easier to administer the environment with almost no employees.

• Infrastructure on a global scale, with edge sites all over the world.

• The cloud provider gives you service-level agreements for the required levels of service.

There are several options available to you after finishing the Azure basic certification course since our certification is a worldwide recognized credential, and after Azure cloud training in Chennai completion, our soft skill training helps you face interviews and land your dream job. Additionally, our Azure certification training in Chennai can assist you in preparing for the Azure exam so you may achieve your dream. Our Microsoft Azure course fees are affordable and feasible for all students. Our placement team ensures that each student is successfully placed, and we offer the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai. After finishing BTree's Azure training in Chennai, the following career options is available to you.

Azure Solutions Architect: When designing customer cloud solutions, an Azure Architect offers suggestions and expertise. In order to assist users in selecting, configuring, and implementing the cloud services they demand, consultants can provide pre-sales support, collect requirements, and design strategic customer road maps. It is necessary to map out a cloud computing strategy, develop adoption policies, build applications, and develop management and monitoring strategies. Architect of Azure Solutions

Azure Engineer: By designing and implementing Azure platforms and services to satisfy client demands, an Azure Engineer takes the lead in delivering technical cloud solutions and infrastructure. Azure engineers frequently need to have highly-specialized expertise, familiarity with hybrid systems, and an understanding of cloud services.

Azure Administrator: An Azure Administrator is in charge of managing and keeping an Azure cloud solution up to date, whether it's for a client or for internal usage, as well as offering resources and tools to assist users. Usually, They carry out duties including setup, data processing, research and development, performance monitoring, and security and privacy.

Azure Stack Operator: The range of solutions known as Azure Stack allows you to add Azure services and capabilities to any environment of your choosing, including cloud data centers, edge locations, and remote offices. An Azure Stack Operator is in charge of overseeing all aspects of the Azure Stack infrastructure, such as planning, deployment, integration, packaging, and providing requested services and cloud resources on the infrastructure.

Azure DevOps Engineer: Azure DevOps experts are in charge of optimizing the development, testing, and deployment of apps by implementing cloud resources, cloud platforms, and DevOps techniques. Each firm has various roles and responsibilities for Azure DevOps. They are chosen based on a candidate's background and credentials, their expectations for the new job, and recruiting objectives.

Although large corporations use Azure, it is also a wonderful platform for startups. Because so many organizations use Microsoft Azure, there are a lot of career opportunities in the area, and demand for qualified Azure professionals is rising everywhere. Those who wish to build a career in Microsoft Azure can master the platform by enrolling in our Microsoft Azure certification training in Chennai at BTree, the best Azure training center in Chennai. This Azure training and certification can help you rise in the world of the Azure platform. Microsoft has multiple well-known customers; here are a few examples.

AkzoNobel: Popular Dutch company AkzoNobel is a market leader in the paint and coating industry. It provides services in more than 100 nations and is always in need of greater global connection. It used IoT technology from Microsoft Azure to improve connectivity and performance on a global scale.

Shell: The largest oil and gas company in the world, makes heavy use of the Microsoft Azure platform. shell uses Azure to access its data processing, storage, and advanced analytics tools as well as its analytical and reporting capabilities.

University Of Toronto: When it comes to institutional-level research, this university leads the way globally and is the largest in Canada. It uses Microsoft Azure to save money on expensive hardware replacement costs. Several of its operations were moved to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It enabled the institution to modify IT procedures, which resulted in significant time savings.

Honeywell: Honeywell uses Azure to serve its data analytics and storage needs as well as its capacity to develop apps. Honeywell is a technical and engineering firm. Azure supports all of Walmart's analytics, storage systems, and application development tools. Walmart is a significant global retailer.

HG (Intercontinental Hotel Group): This is one of the world's largest and most successful hotel organizations. It provides services to more than a hundred nations and has over 5200 properties throughout the world. It was based on the Azure Cloud platform already. They made the decision to use DevOps Services on Microsoft Azure at this time. This not only helped them improve their software and data handling procedures, but it also strengthened their processing and security pillars. Because Microsoft Azure supports hybrid clouds, larger companies like IHG did not have to switch completely to the Azure cloud.

As the demand for Azure cloud training in Chennai grows, many businesses find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding and keeping skilled employees. The only other major cloud service provider after AWS is Microsoft Azure. Many IT businesses in India offer Azure Cloud services to their customers and need qualified people to implement advanced cloud solutions. Businesses are working harder now to ensure that their staff members have Azure training and certification, which not only provide the staff members with more professional credibility but also assist the business create its service speciality.

One of the main reasons to Learn Azure training with placement is a Step by Step process to become an Azure developer is where that can provide you with excellent income. The wage range is one of the most puzzling yet appealing thoughts an Azure employee may have. Azure certifications are widely available. While they are all excellent in their own way, some are more profitable than others. The following is a list of the highest-paying Azure certifications.

Azure Security Engineer: Cyber threats are becoming more widespread in the modern day. This is why securing an organization's Azure platform is one of the more difficult responsibilities. Enroll in Azure online training in Chennai and become a certified Azure engineer. An Entry Level Azure Security Engineer makes an average income of 4.5 Lakhs annually with less than three years of experience. The average yearly compensation for an Azure Security Engineer in India is 7.3 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.1 lakhs to 17.4 lakhs. The average yearly income for a senior security engineer in India is 11.0 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 5.0 lakhs to 30.0 lakhs.

Azure Developer: Prior development expertise is recommended if you wish to become an Azure developer and earn a good salary. Also, you must be familiar with Microsoft programs including Dynamics 365, Powershell, and Office 365. The average yearly income for an Azure Developer in India is 6.4 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4.0 lakhs to 12.0 lakhs. Salary projections are based on the 353 most recent salaries for Azure Developers. However, the average pay for an entry-level Azure developer in India is about 3.6 Lakhs per year or 30K per month. According to the pay report, a Software Development Engineer II at Microsoft Azure earns the most money, earning $56.7 lakhs annually. The top 10% of employees earn more than Rs. 50 lakhs annually.

Azure Data Scientist: Another top-paying position in Microsoft Azure at the moment is Azure Data Scientist. These professionals are in high demand and their demand is always increasing. You may enroll in our Azure training in Chennai and become certified as an Azure Data Scientist if you want to pursue a career in data science. In India, a data scientist makes on average $12,000 per year. A mid-level data scientist with 5 to 9 years of experience makes ₹1,004,082 per year in India, which is the average income for a data scientist there. Your income as a senior-level data scientist in India increases rapidly as your expertise and talents increase, reaching over ₹1,700,000 per year! Because this field is always expanding, data scientists are well paid for.

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I recently took an excellent Azure Administration Course. I want to thank my trainer for helping with CV preparation and providing interview tips. Everything he taught was practical. We appreciate Btree systems providing a skilled professional trainer. I am really pleased with the top quality of your training services.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

Recently inquired about Azure. Trainer don't know what is Azure and he don't have industry exposure. I thing trainer working full time in btree. If you want good exposure and practical prefer join good institute.

Azure Enterprise Data Analyst

Apart from just learning also got a real time experience to build Applications we can also draw insights from report generated by streaming console. This kind of real time experience for apache spark training would be really helpful thanks to BTree Systems training in Chennai.

Azure Network Engineer

A good place to learn & upgrade our skills, knowledge to survive in the technology industry. I have done Azure Certification. My Trainer is Yogi & Surendar they are good trainers never hesitated while asking the doubts clarifying on the spot due to because they are real time workers.

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The coaching method is exceptional, and they provide excellent practical and real-time training in detail. Trainers are extremely dedicated, friendly, and helpful. I would recommend BTree to anyone looking for work in the IT industry. Management and the technical training team are excellent!

Azure Administrator

BTree is ideal for AWS Solution Architect and certification training. Unlike the other training center, they did not simply invite me to join; instead, they provided me with a free demo session to help me understand their learning strategy. As a mechanical student, I’m learning more about IT and AWS platforms. Based on your course selection, you can gain technical knowledge in a short period and enjoy studying in this environment. Above all the placement opportunities are very appealing, as the firms are too good for freshers.

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FAQS of Azure Training and Certification

Yes! There are no prerequisites for learning Azure Certification Course. Our Microsoft admin training in Chennai assist you in comprehending the fundamentals of the platform and prompt you to understand each and every present Azure service. Enroll in this Azure training with placement in Chennai.

That is definitely worthwhile. The demand for Azure is already quite high and is predicted to grow rapidly in the future. Thus, there is a vast opportunity for job searchers to grow in an leading cloud computing platform.

Our trainers use a wide range of online technologies and strategies to enhance the online training experience. You can also access online learning tools that are available for live project sessions, and also interact and clarify questions. For each small batch of Azure online training in Chennai, we only take 20–25 students.

The alternatives to paying for this Azure admin training in Chennai are shown below for both classroom and Azure online training in Chennai. A digital receipt will be provided shortly to the email address you submitted during registration.

• Debit card, Visa card, or Mastercard for online banking.

• Cash (not for Azure online training in Chennai).

• There is a 3-6-9 month EMI plan available.

• Online payment through Paytm, Google Play, and Phonepay is also available.

Undoubtedly yes, we work collaboratively with large multinational corporations such as Amazon, Infosys, Cisco, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Airbus, Oracle, Capgemini, Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, Wipro, and many others. Our institution offers a professional placement support team for each and every one of our students. Our staff member also provides assistance to students with their job site profiles and resumes so they may stand out from other applicants.

BTree provides the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai, with the most recent, useful, and valuable real-world projects as part of the Azure basic certification in Chennai. This Azure certification training covers a wide range of topics, including Building an Azure cloud service project using Visual Studio, Deploying a commercial web application on Azure cloud, and many others.

You can call us at +91 7397396665, chat with us live at our website for Azure training and certification at affordable Azure training cost in Chennai, or connect with us on one of our social media pages, and respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can send your questions to us by email at

All of our instructors are active professionals in the field with the Azure platform. They have years of expertise providing Azure certification training and preparing individuals for Azure certification exams, ensuring that you have a fantastic educational experience and work in reputable companies.

To participate in this Azure admin training in Chennai or to access Microsoft Azure, you do not need to have programming experience or skills. Without any prior coding knowledge, you can take earn Azure certification levels and learn to manage your cloud infrastructure using the Microsoft Azure website.

We do provide deals and discounts from time to time, however, they do change occasionally. You can contact us through chat or by phone at +91 7397396665 to learn more about the offers that are now available for this Azure course in Chennai. We'll get back to you with the best deals and discounts that are available at the moment for you.

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