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Are you searching for top Data Analyst Training in Chennai? BTree Systems offers Best Data Analyst Course in Chennai that equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in Data Analytics. We provide a unique learning experience and hands-on practical knowledge for every student to master advanced level of Data Analytics, Data Analytics using SQL, Basics to Advanced Excel, Python for Data Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Data Visualization, etc. Through our exclusive data analytics module, students position themselves as Data Analyst for extraordinary careers in various IT Domains such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Finance, etc.

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Overview of Data Analyst Course in Chennai

In the evolving data-driven industry, you must require essential technological skills to advance your career as a Data Analyst. Data Analyst is a high-paying career where you can earn a demand in career opportunities.

Therefore, we provide the best Data Analytics Training institute in Chennai with a thoughtfully designed curriculum that tailored to meet the demands of Data Analyst job offers. We train you with the most recent tools and methods like Basics to Advanced Excel, Basics to Advanced SQL, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Data Visualization, etc.

You can learn how to extract and analyse data using different ways from a variety of sources by studying data analytics. A data analyst gathers and cleanses data to ensure its accuracy and dependability. After that, you can use graphs and charts to comprehend and troubleshoot the intriguing insights the data can offer. Decisions that are better for the business or its clients are made by organisations using these data visualisation reports.

You will discover an extensive number of methods for obtaining data from many sources, including apps, weblogs, server logs, REST APIs, and websites, during our training program for data analytics certification. Data sourcing, data processing, data visualization, data collecting & cleaning, data warehousing, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data mining are among the topics you will learn about. Learn how to use accessible historical data to predict valuable information through the use of algorithms. The curriculum for our data analytics certification course includes live data analytics projects, in-depth instruction on NumPy and Pandas data processing concepts, and top programming languages like Python.

Big data and data analytics are the 2 main core subjects of data science. Therefore, they are related but distinct in their ways. Let’s see What’s Big data Vs. Data Analytics looks like.

Data analytics: The process of examining and interpreting data to draw meaningful insights and patterns.

Big data: The vast and complex volume of data generated from various sources at a high velocity and with a wide variety of formats.

Data analytics: It involves using various statistical and computational techniques to analyze data and discover trends, correlations, and valuable information.

Big data: It involves data sets that are too large and diverse to be processed and analyzed using traditional data processing methods.

Data Analytics is used to make sense of both Big Data and smaller data sets. In contrast, Big Data requires specialized tools and techniques to handle the large volume, velocity, and variety of data.

To become a data analyst, you must acquire the necessary Data Analytical skills, practical knowledge on Data Analytical tools and programming languages to analyze the huge volume of data. Through our extensive data analytics curriculum and where you can become a talented and on-demand data analyst in reputed companies.

• Enroll in our live data analytics training to gain practical lab sessions on various tools and skills. This will help you apply your skills in a real-world setting and enhance your resume.

• Engage with online forums, social media groups, and communities related to Data Analytics. Networking with professionals in the field can provide valuable insights and potential job opportunities.

• Create a portfolio showcasing your data analysis certifications and projects you've done during training program. A strong portfolio is an excellent way to impress potential employers.

In a world where people use shopping sites, calls, and social media, data is the one thing that is produced, processed, and shared. This data is being collected and analyzed for large companies and businesses to thrive and generate sales to know customer demographics. Therefore, the need for data analysts is showing an upward trend daily.

• As industries like education, finance, health, and tele communication gather massive datas, where companies need talented data analysts to derive insights from customer data that drive sales.

• Companies now rely heavily on data-driven decision-making to gain a competitive edge. Therefore, they need skilled data analyst to help organisations to interpret data for decision-making.

• The role of data analyst can lead to advancement to a career as a data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, or data architect.

• Data Analytics is not limited to a specific industry. It can be applied in finance to detect fraud, in healthcare for patient insights, in marketing for customer segmentation, in agriculture to optimise crop yield, etc.

• Through our live data analytics training, you will learn about a wide range of data and how it is used in various sectors. With comprehensive practical guidance, you will also examine how to work in various industries.

BTree Systems provides one of the best data analytics courses in Chennai. By partnering with us, you’ll acquire the necessary data analyst certification to showcase in your portfolio. We have the industry-best professionals with 10+ years of experience who train you with every knowledge required to kickstart your career as Data Analyst.

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BTree system gave me a live project that forever changed my interview skills! With 1:1 guidance, I grabbed the essential skills required and presented my skills in the interview.



Data Analyst


Web Developer


Data Scientist

With BTree Systems, I gained the technical skills which I needed to gain initially. They supported me in every aspect of my career and have changed my life as a data analyst.


Gokul S

Data Analyst


Software Engineer


Business Analyst

Best career advice, personalized mentorship, and counseling- BTree system has the best career consultant where i have ever attended. With their precise modules, I could crack my interviews and exams.


Vishnu Priya

Data Architect


System Admin


Data Architect

I’ve finished my data analytics course in BTree Systems. The institute's most attractive parts were the mock interview, live sessions, and counseling. It made me advance into new edges and changed my career completely.



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DevOps Engineer

You will learn all the below Data Analytics Skills..!

Microsoft Excel



Microsoft Power BI

Core Python

Advanced Python

Python Pandas

Python NumPy

Data visualization

Data Mining

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Data Analytics Tools

Python high-level programming Adv-Excel program R Programming language SQL Programming Power-BI Presto Query

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Data Analyst Corporate Training

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Curriculum for Data Analyst Course in Chennai

Introduction to Statistical Analysis

  • Counting, Probability, and Probability Distributions
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Anova and Chisquare
  • Imputation Techniques
  • Data Cleaning
  • Correlation and Regression

Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Importance of Data Analytics
  • Types of Data Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Benefits of Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • Data Types, Measure Of central tendency, Measures of Dispersion
  • Graphical Techniques, Skewness & Kurtosis, Box Plot
  • Descriptive Stats
  • Sampling Funnel, Sampling Variation, Central Limit Theorem, Confidence interval

Basics to Advanced Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Excel fundamentals
  • Entering and editing texts and formulae
  • Working with basic Excel functions
  • Inserting images and shapes into an Excel worksheet
  • Creating Basic charts in Excel
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Excel pivot tables
  • Conditional function
  • Lookup functions
  • Data Analysis Tool


  • Python Introduction
  • Python Comments
  • Python Variables
  • Python Operators
  • Python Data Types
  • Python Conditions
  • Python Loops
  • Python Functions
  • Python OOPS Concepts
  • Python Modules
  • Python Datetime
  • Python JSON
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python User Input
  • Python StringFormatting
  • Python File Handling


  • Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
  • Learn to Restrict and Sort Data
  • Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
  • Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions
  • Display Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
  • Use Sub-Queries to Solve Queries
  • The SET Operators
  • Data Manipulation Statements
  • Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  • Other Schema Objects
  • Control User Access
  • Management of Schema Objects
  • Manage Objects with Data Dictionary Views
  • Manipulate Large Data Sets
  • Data Management in Different Time Zones
  • Retrieve Data Using Sub-queries
  • Regular Expression Support


  • What is Data Visualization
  • Working with Dimensions
  • Data Management Filters
  • Filters in Detail
  • Advance Visuals and Features in Tableau

Introduction to Power BI

  • Get Started with Power BI
  • Overview: Power BI concepts
  • Sign up for Power BI
  • Overview: Power BI data sources
  • Connect to a SaaS solution
  • Upload a local CSV file
  • Connect to Excel data that can be refreshed
  • Connect to a sample
  • Create a Report with Visualizations
  • Explore the Power BI portal

Viz and Tiles

  • Overview: Visualizations
  • Using visualizations
  • Create a new report
  • Create and arrange visualizations
  • Format a visualization
  • Create chart visualizations
  • Use text, map, and gauge visualizations and save a report
  • Use a slicer to filter visualizations
  • Sort, copy, and paste visualizations
  • Download and use a custom visual from the gallery

Reports and Dashboards

  • Modify and Print a Report
  • Rename and delete report pages
  • Add a filter to a page or report
  • Set visualization interactions
  • Print a report page
  • Send a report to PowerPoint
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Create and manage dashboards
  • Pin a report tile to a dashboard
  • Pin a live report page to a dashboard
  • Pin a tile from another dashboard
  • Pin an Excel element to a dashboard
  • Manage pinned elements in Excel
  • Add a tile to a dashboard
  • Build a dashboard with Quick Insights
  • Set a Featured (default) dashboard
  • Ask Questions about Your Data
  • Ask a question with Power BI Q&A
  • Tweak your dataset for Q&A
  • Enable Cortana for Power BI

Publishing Workbooks and Workspace

  • Share Data with Colleagues and Others
  • Publish a report to the web
  • Manage published reports
  • Share a dashboard
  • Create an app workspace and add users
  • Use an app workspace
  • Publish an app
  • Create a QR code to share a tile
  • Embed a report in SharePoint Online

Other Power BI Components and Table Relationship

  • Use Power BI Mobile Apps
  • Get Power BI for mobile
  • View reports and dashboards in the iPad app
  • Use workspaces in the mobile app
  • Sharing from Power BI Mobile
  • Use Power BI Desktop
  • Install and launch Power BI Desktop
  • Get data
  • Reduce data
  • Transform data
  • Relate tables
  • Get Power BI Desktop data with the Power BI service
  • Export a report from Power BI service to Desktop

DAX functions

  • New Dax functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Time intelligence functions
  • Filter functions
  • Information functions
  • Logical functions
  • Math & trig functions
  • Parent and child functions
  • Text functions

“Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in Data Analytics”

Data Analytics Projects

Best industry knowledge

Hands-On practical experience

Real-Time experience

Web scraping

In this data analytics project, students aim to extract valuable information from various websites. By utilizing Python-based web scraping tools, you collect relevant data points, including text, images, and structured data.

Data visualization

Students are allowed to turn complex data sets into a simple, fun and visual story that compels users. We use popular data visualization tools to bring the data to life through interactive charts, graphs, and infographics.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of a Dataset

You are trained to choose an interesting dataset like sports/ weather for exploratory data analysis. You can use Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib to explore and visualize the dataset to make inferences.

Data Analyst Training Options

Data Analytics Classroom Training

  • 60+ hours of live classroom training
  • Real-Time trainer assistance
  • Cutting-Edge on Data Analytics tools
  • Non-Crowded training batches
  • Work on real-time Data Analytics projects
  • Flexible timings for sessions
Data Analytics live training

Data Analytics online training

  • 60+ Hours of online Data Analytics training
  • 1:1 personalised assistance
  • Practical knowledge
  • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
  • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
  • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

Data Analyst Certification Course in Chennai

BTree's Data Analytics Certification training is a comprehensive suite of domains covering big data management, storage, processing, and more. To provide you with the Data Analytics tools where you need to successfully navigate real-time challenges in the data analytics field, we offer an in-depth practical classes on data analytics training to advance your career through technical and personal development skills like mock interviews, tests, live sessions, counseling, communication, etc.

By leveraging our vast company networks, we assist you in grabbing top-tier companies with high-profile jobs, including data analytics companies in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and other tier 2 cities.

We allocate HR sessions to make your resume a high-visibility on social profile to jumpstart your career. Join BTree System to achieve your goal of becoming a certified data analyst.

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Data Analytics course


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Data Analytics certification

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Google Students review

Data Science

Friendly faculty...Coacher has in depth knowledge on Data science..Gives us 100 percent practical training...I strongly recommend btree systems for best Data science training.
LakshimiBarathy M

Big Data and Analytics

Well efficient tutors for Big Data and Analytics.. Best stepping place for people looking for career change in hottest and wanted skills in IT Market.
Google Students review

Hadoop Training

Hadoop courses and training are not difficult to learn. If you find a Best Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai like BTree Systems in Chennai.
Vishnu Varthan

Big Data and Hadoop

Courses and training was provided by Industry experts and covers in depth knowledge on big data and Hadoop. BTree Systemss one of the wonderful training Institute in Chennai.

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Lead recruiter at Accenture

BTree Systems' students are exceptional! Their strong foundation in data analytics training, hands-on experience, and passion for problem-solving make them valuable assets to any team. I highly recommend BTree students!

HR at Citi

Hiring BTree Systems' students has been a game-changer for our data projects. Their analytical powers, creativity, and learning attitude contribute to our success in challenging data projects. Highly recommend these talents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pay scale of a Data Analyst can vary significantly based on several factors like experience, location, the industry they work in, the company's size, and the specific skills they possess. The data analyst salary for freshers starts from 4 LPA and depends on the level of skills, education, and certifications. Here’s a glimpse.

• Entry-Level Data Analyst (0-3 years of experience)- 4.3 LPA

• Mid-Level Data Analyst (4-9 years of experience)- 6.9 LPA

• Senior Data Analyst (10+ years of experience)- 9.7 LPA And more.

• There are numerous data analytics companies in Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, and other cities that offer more than this range. It depends on the location, and prior research is essential.

The minimum qualification to become a data analyst is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as computer science, statistics, or mathematics with at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent, preferably from a recognized university. Also, our Data Analyst course curriculum is designed to meet the standard need for Non-IT, Fresher, and experienced persons to leverage their career with best Data Analyst Certification. As, Many data analysts come from non-technical backgrounds. It requires a passion to work with massive data and analytical problem-solving skills, relevant data analytics certifications are necessary!

The Data Analytics course lasts 60+ hours for both online and live training.It entirely depends on the steps, planning, and time put out by each student. However, if a candidate has some basic understanding and background, it will take close to 60 hours. If a student is new to the background, it will take about 60-90 hours to pass Data Analytics Course.

We provide the most affordable data analytics course fee structure with 3, 6, and 12 months EMI options. Use the following options for payment methods.

• Using a debit, Visa, or Mastercard for online banking.

• An EMI payment plan for 3, 6, and 9 months is available.

• Cash

• Via Paytm, Google Pay, and Phonepay

For more details on the course fees, contact us via phone or email. Our team will contact you shortly.

We offer data analytics, data science, data science with python, artificial intelligence, and Tableau courses for students inside the data field.

Our course is perfectly suitable for beginners. As there is no prerequisites needed to enroll in our live Data Analtics Course in Chennai. To be successful in data analytics career, you should have a basic understanding of statistics, probability, and data analysis.

Yes, you will be provided with a recorded session of every Data Anlytics classes with 90 days access on our cloud storage. You can also reach our expert trainers to clarify all your doubts and suggestions on previous Data Analyst classes.

You can contact us through the following ways.

• Call us at 044 - 4560 5237

• Reach us on Social media platforms

• Chat Window on our website

• Email us at

• Drop your message/queries, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Both Data Analyst and Data Scientist careers requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a quantitative subjects such as statistics, computer science, or mathematics. A Data Scientist is a person who develops unique methods of collecting and analysing data which is used by analysts, whereas a Data Analyst makes sense of previously collected data. A person with a knowledge on computer Programming, Maths, and Statistics can opt their career path might be a suitable fit for your professional aspirations.

We provide data analytics training through live online and classroom sessions, making learning enjoyable. You can apply for coaching either online or offline through our portal. Our training offers flexible timings and the opportunity to work on real-time projects with expert guidance.

We have a dedicated chat and discussion panel to clear your doubts. You'll have access to all training materials and receive support for resume preparation, mock interviews, projects, and interview preparation.

Our Data Analytics course module covers all current techniques and tools like ANOVA, Power BI, DAX Functions, Python basics, etc., where students can advance their careers as data analysts. You can also get our data analytics syllabus in pdf format from our website.

Our institute is well-equipped with updated skills and tools required to gain theoretical and technical Data Analytics skills. You can up-skill your knowledge with trending skills on Data Analytics.


Microsoft Excel

Data Visualization

Data Mining




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