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Searching for the top AWS Solution Architect Training in Chennai? BTree Systems one of the leading AWS Training Institute in Chennai offer best AWS Course in Chennai. BTree's AWS Solution Architect Course in Chennai is essential for an individual who is hoping to become an AWS Associate Professional, where you can be mastered AWS architectural principles and services like IAM, VPC, EC2, and EBS and advance your career into the cloud and beyond. Through this AWS Solution Architect course, you can work on real-world and hands-on projects to master various elements of AWS S3, EC2, Redshift, Lambda, and CloudTrail from the top AWS Certified mentors

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Overview of AWS Solution Architect Course in Chennai

BTree offers you the Best AWS Solutions Architect course equipped with the necessary training tools and preparation. As part of this course every student can work on building AWS apps, learn about SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and Virtual Private Cloud, and understand AWS infrastructure best practices.

AWS solutions architects are software specialists who oversee the cloud computing architecture of a company. They are an essential component of any AWS project due to their extensive knowledge of the concepts and services utilized in cloud strategy. Additionally, they help with tasks like cloud migration, assessing workload structures, and dealing with high-risk situations. Solution architects may work with organizations to define their needs and create custom solutions. A solution architect may be in charge of realizing the solution architecture vision to the unique requirements and objectives of a company or organization.

AWS solution architects make sure that clients receive applications that are both safe and secure and that deliver a high level of performance. Additionally, they are in charge of helping clients develop their cloud computing and storage solutions by offering advice and recommendations. Solutions architects gain a solid understanding of the technical, operational, and business elements of cloud computing to effort from these duties.

An AWS certification seeks to identify and equip professionals with the abilities and resources required for carrying out cloud computing efforts. Professionals with at least one year of relevant experience may apply for this qualification. For cloud engineers, administrators, and architects, AWS offers a variety of certification tests. You can register for an exam that assess your abilities and knowledge in this field to obtain this highly sought-after qualification. 65 multiple-choice questions make up the exam. The certificate has a two-year expiration date. According to your requirements, you can obtain certification more than once.

Solutions architects may have a set of abilities that enable them to precisely plan and oversee the implementation of a cloud computing solution.

You can gain practical experience with the world-class Amazon Web Services platform, which is utilized by some of the biggest organizations, through BTree’s AWS training and certification in Chennai. This program was created by specialists in the field to work on real-time AWS projects with step-by-step assessments that are relevant in this business world. We deliver lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 assistance, and free updates to the most recent version of the course materials. Thus, it is obvious that it is a one-time investment.

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BTree trains students and professionals with the most up-to-date and practical knowledge. I completed my AWS Solution Architect training along with DevOps, which is a combination of two of the most popular cloud computing platforms.


Arun Praskash

Cloud Developer


Selenium Testing


Cloud Developer

The coaching method is exceptional, and they provide excellent practical and real-time training in detail. Trainers are extremely dedicated, friendly, and helpful. I would recommend BTree to anyone looking for work in the IT industry.



AWS Cloud Architect


Java Developer


AWS Cloud Architect

BTree is ideal for AWS and certification training. Unlike the other training center, they did not simply invite me to join; instead, they provided me with a free demo session to help me understand their learning strategy.



AWS Developer


Software Engineer


AWS Developer

AWS Skills Covered

AWS EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon S3

AWS Lambda

AWS RDS and DynamoDB

CloudWatch and IAM

EBS, EFS, and FSx

ELB, Auto Scaling

Global Accelerator


AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Networking

AWS Security Services

AWS Databases

VPC Networking

AWS Storage Cost Optimization

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Tools Covered

SaaS Tool PaaS Tool Iaas Tool AWS Amazon EC2 Amazon VPC Amazon ELB Amazon SNS Tool Amazon SES Tool Amazon Route 53 Amazon IAM Tool Amazon S3 Tool Amazon CloudWatch Tool Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Lambda Tool Amazon EFS Tool
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08:00 PM TO 11:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)




08:00 PM TO 11:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)

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Curriculum of AWS Solution Architect Course

Cloud Computing Service Models

  • Mastering Software as a Services (SaaS)
  • Mastering Platform as a Service (Paas)
  • Mastering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Introduction to cloud computing

  • What is cloud computing?
  • History & comparison with client-server computing.
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Leading cloud players- Amazon’s Web Service, Microsoft Azure and VMWare etc…
  • Future of Cloud
  • Basic Networking and Infrastructure Overview.

Getting into AWS World

  • Overview of AWS
  • Accessing AWS
  • Creating a AWS Account
  • AWS Management Console
  • AWS Products and Major Services
  • Architecture of AWS

How to Design Like a Solutions Architect

  • Introduction to AWS solution Architect
  • Planning and designing cloud services
  • Designing Highly available, Scalable, Cost- Efficient Systems
  • Important cost planning and Optimization techniques a solutions
  • Architect should consider.
  • Knowing and adopting Best Practices for AWS Security and Costing
  • Monitoring and logging in AWS

Getting Started with Amazon Elastic cloud compute- EC2

  • Features of Amazon EC2
  • Getting Started with Amazon EC2
  • EC2 Pricing
  • Regions and Availability zones
  • Create Key Pair
  • Instances and AMIs
  • Instant Types
  • Mastering Amazon AMIs
  • Launching and Setting up EC2 Instance
  • Connect to your Instance
  • Instance Actions
  • Managing Users
  • Managing Software’s
  • Managing Network and Security
  • Security Groups
  • Controlling access
  • Assigning IPs
  • Elastic IP addresses
  • Hosting a website on AWS EC2 instance
  • EC2 Best practices to consider from a Solutions Architect standpoint

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Overview of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Understanding Amazon VPC and Subnets
  • Accessing the Internet
  • Pricing for Amazon VPC
  • Amazon VPC limits
  • Networking essentials
  • Using Route Tables
  • Using Security Groups and Network ACLs
  • Launch an Instance into your VPC
  • Assign Elastic IP Instance into VPC
  • Amazon VPC Best Practices and Cost Considerations

Load Balancing

  • Introduction to Loadbalancer (ELB)
  • Different types of Loadbalancer in AWS
  • Application Load balancer
  • Network Load balancer
  • Classic Load balancer
  • Migrating classic load balancer to new load balancer
  • Components and types of load balancing

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

  • Overview of load balancing
  • Load balancing benefits
  • How ELB works
  • Load balancers Types
  • Understanding how to configure listener
  • Working with Listener Rules
  • Configure Security for load balancer
  • Register and deregister target Groups
  • Configure health checks for load balancer

Amazon Simple Notification and Email Services (SNS) and (SES)

  • How Amazon SNS Works
  • Create a Topic
  • Create a Subscription for an Endpoint to the Topic
  • How to Publish a Message to the Topic?
  • How to Delete the Subscription and Topic?
  • Working with Push Email
  • Working with Text Messaging
  • Mobile Phone number as Subscriber
  • How Amazon SES Works
  • How to Setup Email
  • How to Send Email
  • Monitoring Sender Reputation

Amazon Route 53

  • Overview of Amazon Route 53
  • Domain registration with Route 53
  • Updating Settings for a Domain
  • Configuring Route 53 as Domain Name System (DNS) service
  • Routing Policy
  • Health checking
  • DNS Constraints and Behaviours
  • Troubleshooting

Identity Access Management (IAM)

  • Getting started with IAM
  • Creating Users
  • Configuring IAM
  • Permissions in IAM
  • Policies in IAM: Creating and Attaching a Policy
  • Managing Policies
  • Groups in IAM: Creating and Managing Groups
  • Roles in IAM: Creating, using and Managing Roles
  • Troubleshooting in IAM

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Introduction to Storage Services
  • S3 Overview
  • Signup for S3
  • Understanding Buckets in AWS
  • Creating Amazon S3 bucket
  • Configuring the bucket
  • Adding and Managing Objects into your S3 bucket
  • Working with Security
  • Working with Encryption
  • Versioning
  • Transfer Acceleration
  • Cross region replication
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Working with Event notifications
  • Monitoring Tools: Automated and Manual
  • Monitoring Metrics with Cloud Watch
  • Troubleshooting
  • S3 Pricing

AWS Resource Monitoring using Cloud watch

  • Overview of Monitoring
  • Identifying the key resources to be monitored
  • Understanding how to use Dashboards
  • Monitoring resources in AWS
  • Understanding how to use Metrics
  • Understanding how to use Alarms
  • Create Alarm based on single metric
  • Edit Cloud Watch Alarm
  • Create Alarm to Stop, Terminate and perform various operations on EC2 Instance
  • Configuring alerts and notifications for usage using Amazon Cloud Watch

Amazon CloudFront

  • How CloudFront Works
  • How to Setup CloudFront to deliver content
  • Understanding Distributions
  • Creating, updating and deleting distributions
  • Restricting the Content
  • Improving Content speed through Caching
  • Caching Options

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Refresher of Database Concepts
  • Amazon RDS Components
  • DB Instances
  • DB Instance Complete Lifecycle Management.
  • Regions and Availability Zones
  • Configuring Security in RDS - Authentication & Access control
  • Understanding how to Backup and Restore
  • Limits in Amazon RDS
  • Pricing of Amazon RDS
  • Monitoring an Amazon RDS DB Instance and Troubleshooting
  • common RDS issues

Amazon DynamoDB

  • Getting started with DynamoDB
  • DynamoDB Core Components
  • Creating Tables and Loading Data
  • Running DynamoDB on Your Computer
  • Back-up and restore
  • Best Practices in DynamoDB

Lambda and EFS

  • Creating Functions
  • Sample function to automate the real time scenarios
  • Automating the function
  • Creating EFS
  • Managing EFS
  • Managing the endpoint

“Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in AWS Certification"

AWS Solution Architect Training Options

AWS Solution Architect Classroom Training

  • 50+ hours of live classroom training
  • Real-Time trainer assistance
  • Cutting-Edge on AWS Solution Architect Course Tools
  • Non-Crowded training batches
  • Work on real-time projects
  • Flexible timings for sessions
AWS live training

AWS Solution Architect Online training

  • 50+ Hours of online AWS Solution Architect Training
  • 1:1 personalised assistance
  • Practical knowledge
  • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
  • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
  • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

AWS Solution Architect Certification Course

With BTree AWS Solution Architect Certification start your career as an AWS cloud expert. Our AWS Certified trainers are highly qualified and have a wealth of domain knowledge. This SAA-C03 Certification provides you with an in-depth understanding of Amazon Web Services. Through our real-time projects and expert designed course syllabus to learn about AWS storage and infrastructure, but also about the design, planning, and scaling of applications within AWS.

Whatever certification you solicit, whether AWS Solutions Architect, AWS SysOps, or AWS DevOps. Learn everything you need to know about the AWS cloud by taking advantage of our AWS Classroom or AWS Online training.

Knowledge Hub with Additional Information of AWS Solution Architect

• The exam validates your ability to effectively demonstrate your knowledge of developing and deploying secure and smooth software or applications on the AWS platform.

• This certification focuses on the core components of AWS services such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), S3, and EC2. Understanding AWS’s core services gives you a better understanding of the company’s approach to security, networking, data storage, and compute scalability.

• This is the next step up from Solution Architect-Associate. It is intended for those who must assess a company’s requirements and make architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying applications on AWS.

• This certification represents the advanced level of understanding and ability to develop, deploy, or implement any AWS service and make appropriate use of it, particularly in areas such as security and direct connection.

• The primary goal of the AWS Cloud Developer (DVA-C01) certification is to concentrate on best practices for developing on AWS. The exam delves into serverless computing in depth. It is primarily concerned with AWS Services such as Lambda, Dynamo DB, Step Functions, X-Ray, API Gateway, ECS, Cloud Front, SQS, SNS, and Kinesis.

• The knowledge you acquire in developing cloud solutions on AWS is the best practices for developing on AWS skills. It is ideal for developers who are just starting with AWS. This information assist you in preparing for cloud-based tech development interviews.

• This certification is primarily concerned with creating the best possible architecture for your systems. It focuses on EC2, VPC, ECS, Elastic Load Balancers, Cloud Watch, EFS, EBS, FSx, and the CI/CD tools. The certification is intended for those who work as solutions architects.

• This exams can put your ability to design secure architectures to the test. The majority of the exam’s questions are scenario-based. To pass this exam, you must have prior experience building scalable hybrid solutions. You can also learn about AWS service offerings and how to make them work together optimally while training to become a solutions architect.

• To perform architectural analysis and design enterprise-level systems.

• To design and simulate tools for perfect system delivery and maintain systems, processes, and procedures to provide high-quality service design.

• Deliver a high-performing solution architecture that can support a company’s development efforts need to configure the most common business solutions.

• He must prepare technical documents as well as other presentations for a variety of solution areas and initiate a constructive conversation with the client and provide regular updates on the status of a project.

• When technical problems arise, ensure that the infrastructure and architecture are properly implemented.

• On occasion, he must address technical issues, ideas, and other major concerns, and routinely monitor systems to ensure that all business goals are met in accord with requirements.

• With an average annual salary of 8.3 Lakhs, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate salaries in India range from 1.8 Lakhs to 21.0 Lakhs.

• The salary ranges for an associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect in India with less than two years of experience to thirteen years of experience is between 1.8 lakhs and 21 lakhs, with an average annual salary of 8.3 lakhs.

Our Lovely Student feedback

AWS Solution Architect Course


Azure DevOps

AWS Solution Architect Certification

Dilli Babu

Python Full Stack

AWS Solution Architect Certification


Aws Training

AWS Solution Architect Training


AWS Solution Architect


AWS Cloud Architect

I complete the AWS Solution Architect Associated course in Chennai at BTree systems. Btree systems is wonderful institute in upgrade the it skills and career switching to cloud and thanks to Btree systems.
Manoj Kumar

AWS Solution Architect Training

Recently inquired about aws devops. Trainer don't know what is devops and he don't have industry exposure. I thing trainer working full time in btree. If you want good exposure and practical prefer join good institute.

AWS Solution Architect

Apart from just learning also got a real time experience to build Applications we can also draw insights from report generated by streaming console. This kind of real time experience for apache spark training would be really helpful thanks to BTree Systems training in Chennai.

AWS Architect

Since enrolling in the BTree Systems AWS Solution Architect course in Chennai, I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience. The instructors are also quite friendly and nice. The surroundings were pleasant, and the facilities were fantastic. You may learn about AWS Solution Architects by going here.

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Lead Recruiter at Wipro

The coaching method is exceptional, and they provide excellent practical and real-time training in detail. Trainers are extremely dedicated, friendly, and helpful. I would recommend BTree to anyone looking for work in the IT industry. Management and the technical training team are excellent!

DevOps Engineer

BTree is ideal for AWS Solution Architect and certification training. Unlike the other training center, they did not simply invite me to join; instead, they provided me with a free demo session to help me understand their learning strategy. As a mechanical student, I’m learning more about IT and AWS platforms. Based on your course selection, you can gain technical knowledge in a short period and enjoy studying in this environment. Above all the placement opportunities are very appealing, as the firms are too good for freshers.

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FAQ on AWS Solution Architect Course in Chennai

You can learn about AWS cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service, and how to design, plan, and expand the AWS platform using best practices. This entire course content meets the requirements for passing the AWS Certification Solutions Architect test.

You will be working on real-time AWS projects and step-by-step tasks with strong corporate relevance, and the curriculum has been prepared by industry professionals. After completing this AWS course in Chennai one can able to apply for some of the greatest positions in top MNCs all over the world at top wages. BTree provides free lifetime access to videos and course materials and 24/7 assistance and course material upgrades to the most recent version.

You can reach us at +91-7397396665, and we will get back you at the earliet.

Yes, we do. The LMS(Learning Management System) provided to you with the access to whole curriculum, including class videos, mockups, and assignments.

Other AWS-related Cloud certification courses given by BTree in Chennai include AWS Developer, AWS Sysops, AWS Technical Essentials, AWS DevOps, Blockchain, Azure, Azure DevOps, and DevOps.

• We currently have solid ties with over 500 small, medium, and large businesses.

• These businesses frequently have vacancies for AWS Specialists.

• In addition, we have a very active placement cell that assists our students with 100% placement.

• The cell continues to train students in mock interviews and debates even after the course is done.

At BTree, you can never miss a lecture. Whereas, you can select one of two options:

Classroom Instruction: If you miss one or more courses, we can provide a backup class based on the trainer’s availability and your preferred schedule. We can reschedule your class with upcoming batches or other ongoing batches based on how many course topics you have finished so far if you miss many lessons.

Online Live Training: View the class’s recorded session, which is available in your LMS(Learning Management System). You can make up the missing session by attending any other live batch.

This training is open to anyone who wants to start their career as a fresher in the IT industry. To grasp the concepts properly, it is recommended that one have a fundamental knowledge of operating systems, networking, and virtualization, as well as some coding knowledge.

To obtain an AWS Certification, one must pass a proctored exam to receive a certification credentials if you receive a passing score.

We issue certificates that are valid for a lifetime! Where You can obtain a completion certificate that is recognized in India, confirming your dedication to acquiring new skills.

• You can pay for both in-person and online training using the options listed below, and an email receipt provided to you automatically.

• MasterCard/Visa Debit Card Banking

• Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm

• Cash/Cheque (Not for Online Training)

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