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Are you interested in UI/UX design training in Chennai? BTree Systems offers a comprehensive UI/UX design course taught by industry experts. The curriculum covers the latest UI/UX tools, including Adobe XD, Figma, Figma Jam, and Balsamiq. We provide both online and in-person training options to help you become a certified UI/UX designer.

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UI UX Course in Chennai Overview

Our UI UX Design course in Chennai equips you with advanced design techniques for various applications. You'll master interaction design through skills like user research, wireframing, user testing, and brainstorming. Through practical projects, you'll gain real-world experience using UX & UI tools under expert guidance. By the end, you'll earn a UI/UX Design Certification, launching your design career.

UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design are integral to crafting user-friendly digital products. The key features of UI designs are:

  1. Visual Design: Creating visually appealing and consistent layouts that reflect the brand's identity and resonate with the target audience.
  2. Typography: Choosing appropriate fonts and text styles to ensure readability and aesthetics.
  3. Color Palette: Select colors that evoke desired emotions and effectively convey the product's purpose.

Meanwhile, UX design focuses on overall user experience, incorporating research, navigation, interactions, and usability testing. The key features of UX design are

  1. User Research: Gathering insights into user behaviors, preferences, and pain points through methods such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing.
  2. Information Architecture: Structuring and organizing content and features to facilitate easy navigation and access to information.
  3. Interaction Design: Designing how users interact with the product, including the flow of tasks, gestures, and animations.

Here’s the comparison between UI and UX design.

UI Design UX Design
Visual and interactive elements Overall user experience and interaction
Aesthetics, layouts, typography, icons, etc. User research, navigation, interactions, etc.
Creating a visually appealing interface Providing an intuitive and satisfying journey
Ensure design is responsive and consistent Ensures usability and user satisfaction
Designing visual components and layouts Research, prototyping, testing, and improvements.
UI is concerned with how things look Focus on the user journey and mainly on how things work
Design software Design prototyping tools and usability tools
Creates a visually appealing interface Creates a seamless, user-centered experience

We need UI and UX design to create a visually appealing digital product that delivers an easy, effortless, and effective user experience.

  1. Growing Demand: Companies across industries are actively seeking UI UX designers to enhance their digital presence and improve user experiences.
  2. Diverse Opportunities: UI UX designers are needed in various sectors, from tech giants to startups, offering a wide range of career options.
  3. Creativity and Problem-Solving: Designing interfaces and experiences allows creative expression and solving real-world challenges.
  4. Positive Impact: UI UX designers are crucial in shaping how people interact with technology, making their work impactful and meaningful.
  5. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Designers can explore entrepreneurial ventures, create apps or websites, and even start design studios.

The average salary of a UI UX designer for freshers in India is INR 2 lakh per year. With experience, you can gain 15 lakhs per year.

Here are the different industries that hire UI UX designers in India.

  1. Internet ₹9.4 Lakhs per year
  2. Software Product ₹7.8 Lakhs per year
  3. Marketing & Advertising ₹6.7 Lakhs per year
  4. IT Services & Consulting ₹6.3 Lakhs per year

Financial Services ₹6.0 Lakhs per year

To become a certified UX/UX designer, follow the below steps diligently.

  1. Education: Gain a foundation in design, human-computer interaction, and user psychology through courses or a degree. A bachelor’s degree is preferred to acquire a designer job.
  2. Skill Development: Learn design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma—practice wireframing, prototyping, and creating visually appealing interfaces. Our institute offers a UI UX design course with a curriculum in cutting-edge tools necessary for your skill development.
  3. User-Centric Understanding: Study user behavior by reading about UX research and psychology. Understand user needs and preferences.
  4. Build Portfolio: Create a strong portfolio showcasing diverse projects. Highlight problem-solving skills, design process, and outcomes. We teach how to build an impressive portfolio and resume at our institute.
  5. Networking and Experience: Connect with professionals, attend design events, and seek internships or freelance opportunities for practical experience. Stay updated on design trends and technologies. This path will prepare you for a successful UI UX design career.

We provide the best UI UX designer Course in Chennai with a structured and flexible curriculum. Also, from building prototypes to testing the user experience, we provide live training on projects needed in the current job opportunity.

There are multiple roles a UI UX designer has to play in a company, and that includes:

  1. User Research: Conduct thorough user research to understand target audiences, their needs, behaviors, and pain points.
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping: Create wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize digital product layout and user flow.
  3. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, product managers, and marketers, to ensure design consistency and alignment with business goals.
  4. Documentation: Document design decisions, guidelines, and specifications for clear communication within the team.
  5. Client Interaction: Effectively communicate design concepts and decisions to clients, stakeholders, and team members.
  6. A/B Testing: Collaborate with marketing teams to conduct A/B testing to optimize design elements for better user engagement.

A UI UX designer is critical in ensuring that digital products offer seamless, user-friendly experiences that meet user needs and business objectives.

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I was fed up with my routine finance job when I decided to quit. Now it’s been a year since I’ve changed my career to a designer. I’m grateful to BTree Systems for this!



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I took the UI UX design course from BTree Systems. With the certification, I could land a high-salary job within a few months. Thanks to the career counseling part of the institute.



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UI UX Deisgner Tools

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Coporate training

UI UX Corporate Training

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UI UX Course in Chennai Syllabus

Introduction to User Experience

  • Design Thinking
  • Principles of user-centered design
  • Beginning a student UX project
  • Model Processes


  • Methodologies for user experience research
  • A user's persona
  • Conjuring up situations
  • Empathy diagrams
  • Interview with stakeholders
  • User accounts
  • Observation and user interviews
  • Conducting surveys


  • Competitor research
  • User-Centered research
  • Data evaluation
  • The use of heuristics
  • Task flow analysis
  • Features, Objectives, Perspectives, and Pain Points
  • Google Analytics
  • Computer-human interaction

Design Strategy

  • Design user journeys and user flows
  • Entry points
  • Effective content strategy
  • Low fidelity sketching
  • Paper prototype
  • Site maps | Process diagrams
  • Information Architecture
  • Navigational models
  • Mental models
  • Early usability testing

Sketching, Wireframe & Prototype

  • Framework for the customer experience
  • A low level of accuracy
  • model high fidelity
  • Workflows
  • Internet, mobile, and tablet prototypes


  • Usability evaluation
  • Remote testing of usability
  • The task grid
  • Report evaluation
  • Reiterate

Case studies

  • UX project completion & Documentation

Introduction to User Interface design

  • UI design process
  • Design psychology
  • Web, Mobile & Tablet visual designing
  • Human factors & Ergonomics

Visual Design

  • Storyboard creation
  • Designing products
  • Color theory arrangements
  • Typography
  • Infographics using Iconography
  • Branding strategy
  • Design of web templates
  • Making UI components
  • Images widgets and UI kits

Design tools

  • Figma

Google Material design

  • Google Material design

Visual design output & Documentation

  • Visual design output & Documentation

High impact Presentations

  • High impact presentations

“Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in UI UX Designer”

Projects on UI UX Designer Course in Chennai

Best industry knowledge

Hands-On practical experience

Real-Time experience

Web App Redesign

We take a default and basic ECom website and teach students to redesign it with a theme provided. You can derive extensive hands-on experience with designing apps that accommodate user needs.

Designing a prototype of UI UX design

You can build and create a UI UX design- its prototype and wireframe. The main goal is to create a user-friendly design for apps and websites by analyzing user needs.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Create a voice-driven interface for a virtual assistant or a smart home device, optimizing for voice commands, natural language understanding, and user feedback by crafting conversational interfaces and considering the nuances of voice interaction.

UI UX Course Training in Chennai Options

UI UX Designer Classroom Training

  • 45+ hours of live classroom training
  • Real-Time trainer assistance
  • Cutting-Edge on UI UX tools
  • Non-Crowded training batches
  • Work on real-time projects
  • Flexible timings for sessions
UI UX Course live training

UI UX Designer online training

  • 45+ Hours of online UI UX Designer Course
  • 1:1 personalised assistance
  • Practical knowledge
  • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
  • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
  • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

UI UX Designer Certification in Chennai

Our institute's UI UX design certification course in Chennai is consistently rated among the best. Led by a team of industry professionals, this course equips you with the skills to excel in user research, information architecture, and human-computer interaction (HCI). Carefully crafted for beginners and aspiring professionals, our curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation in UI/UX design, preparing you for a successful career in this exciting field.

The UI UX course in Chennai includes practical training on industry-standard UI/UX tools, delivered by experienced practitioners. Gain the hands-on skills you need to thrive in the fast-evolving world of UI/UX design.

• Best live project with hands-on experience

• Learn in-demand UI UX skills

• Craft intuitive designs for the interface

• Design thinking and problem-solving

Knowledge Hub with Additional Information of UI UX Designer Course

Nowadays, you cannot build an impactful website without UX/UI design, as industries like artificial intelligence (AI) are growing and becoming more and more important. There is a need for designers or experts that have specialized in UX UI. UI UX designing is one of the top most in-demand skills among recruiters. There are opportunities for a UI UX designer job as you gain knowledge and experience.

• Growth and chances

• The growth of companies that concentrate on design

• Creativity and innovation

Growth and chances: More experienced and skilled UI UX designers are in demand, and there are plenty of opportunities forthcoming as the market is growing. The research implies that people use mobile devices often. It is sufficient to show how well a user experience designer does their job.

The growth of companies that concentrate on design: Many design-based companies have grown up as a result of the apparent growth in the design trend (Coca-Cola, Gucci, Nike, Pepsi, etc.). These firms are now big draws for many people interested in a career in UX. The design stands out since it is fitting for the company. As the importance of design increases, so the demand for professional UX designers, because design usually concentrates on what a user wants.

Creativity and innovation: Every new technology generates additional ideas and innovation. There are several niche markets available to UI UX designers, allowing for innovation and creativity.

The seamless integration of outstanding UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design is frequently required to produce products that people actually like. Consider creating a banking application with a UI that is both visually pleasing and simple to use. Even if the software has perfect looks, consumers will probably be put off if it has poor loading times or requires a complicated process for routine functions like money transfers (UX). Such an app would probably not find favour with users.

Both UI and UX designers play important roles in the process of developing a product. Your final decision between these fields will be determined by your preferences and goals. A job in user experience design may fit your aspirations if you enjoy problem-solving, value adaptability, and are fascinated by technology. On the other hand, if you have a good sense of design and a creative attitude, a career in user interface design could be more suited for an individual.

It's important to note that in today's demanding industry, both UI and UX design are attractive, in-demand careers. It is becoming more and more important to master both concepts. Knowing both UI and UX design is helpful if you want to work in either field. Additionally, the collaboration process is highly impacted by the collaboration between UX and UI designers.

As previously mentioned, UI and UX designers perform separate responsibilities. They both require information from one another in order to fulfill their responsibilities.

UX designers concentrate on the user’s experience with a product. The goal is to create things that are useful, easy to use, and interesting to use. A UX designer’s common responsibilities may include

• Creating user identity for target customers.

• Designing prototypes and wireframes to fine-tune the appearance of the finished product.

• Building user journey maps to examine how a customer engages with a product.

• Working with stakeholders, user interface designers, and developers.

UI designers create the graphical sections of mobile applications, websites, and devices—the aspects a user directly interacts with. A UI designer strives to create visually appealing apps and websites that are also simple to use. A UI designer’s common responsibilities may include

• Selecting color combinations and typography.

• Arranging page layouts.

• Designing interactive components like scrollers, buttons, toggle switches, drop-down options, and text boxes.

• Generating significant wireframes and layouts to demonstrate how the final design appear.

• Collaboration with developers to convert ideas into workable products.

One of the advantages of working in UX UI design is that you get to engage with a wide range of people while building digital products and services. There is enormous satisfaction in getting together with people of all skill sets and perspectives and delivering something wonderful together. The UI UX Designer works with Product Managers to collect and analyze user requirements.

Product managers are in charge of the strategy and roadmap, as well as the vision of the product. The roadmap is a strategy for where the product go, and it is up to Product Managers to design and select features that included in the roadmap. Using storyboards, process flows, or sitemaps, they use their expertise to demonstrate design concepts. Additionally, they create widgets for tabs and menus in graphic user interfaces.

An application’s graphical layout, including buttons, display layout, animation, transitions, micro-interactions, and other elements, is referred to as its user interface (UI). UI, in short, is all about how things seem. The following formats are included in the UI design:

Graphical User Interface (GUI): How users interact with a system’s aesthetics and digital control panels is reflected in GUI design. The desktop of the computer is an example of a GUI.

Voice-controlled Interface (VUI): VUI design focuses on voice-based user interactions with systems. VUIs include digital personal assistants like Siri for iPhones and Bixby for Samsung mobile devices.

Gesture-based Interface: This is commonly utilized in virtual reality (VR) and other gesture-based designing contexts involving user participation in 3D space.

The design of UX (User Experience) is concerned with how people interact with the technology. UX design covers logical navigation as well as how fluid and simple the experience is. In short, this sort of design promotes a positive user experience. Here are the basic steps to get an idea of the UX process

Interaction Design: It is concerned with how users can execute activities quickly and easily by utilizing a system’s interactive components (page transitions, animations, buttons, and so on).

User research: Conducting detailed research, collecting feedback and suggestions from new or current clients, understanding end-user demands, and making design choices based on these factors are all part of user research.

Information architecture: The arrangement of information and content that users require to complete their duties is referred to as information architecture. This requires a UX designer to comprehend the link between several sets of materials and present them in the clearest manner feasible.

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UI UX Designer Course

I have completed a UI UX designing course in chennai at Btree systems. It's an excellent location to study and develop your talents. There are staff people who are incredibly helpful. For the best instruction and placement assistance, I strongly suggest this ui ux training facility. The instructors are friendly and well knowledgeable about what they teach. They start you off at the begining of the course so that non-technical students may also understand the concept. It is a good environment for learning.
Mohamed Ibrahim

UI UX Designer Course

BTree Systems is the best institute to learn UX UI design. Mentors are so knowledgable and friendly. I really like their teaching methods. They teach everything with an example and activity so that it’ll be very easy for us to understand. If you really want to become a UX UI designer go for it, this is the right place.
Santhosh . E

UI UX Designer

BTree Systems has provided practical skills and the Chance to work on real world projects. The tools covered, including Adobe XD and Figma were exactly what I needed to take my UI UX skills to next level
Jenisha Lilly K

UI UX Designer Course

Recently I have completed the UI UX Designing course here.! At the end of the course I have solid my knowledge on how to approach a problem and it gave me new perspective.I would totally recommend B-Tree Systems to anyone who is aspiring to foster their UX Knowledge..! I had a good experience

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Lead recruiter at Accenture

Students at BTree Systems have immaculate creative energy! Their analytical and communication skills, apart from technical skills, are truly enticing! Happy to recommend those students from the institute.

Lead Software Developer

I’m proud to hire the students of BTree. Their expertise and practical skills are impressive. I must say they are ahead of other students in the field. Their interview skills, way of communication, and expression are magnificent!

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FAQ on UI UX Designer Course in Chennai

The career scope of UI/UX design is promising, with increasing demand for user-friendly digital experiences. Also a Designers have more career opportunities in various industries including tech, healthcare, and finance which offers ample growth and innovation.

There are trending top skills that every UI UX Designer must know, below UI UX skills are based on 5.9k jobs posted by employers.

• User Research

• User Testing

• Brain Stroming

• Micro Interaction

We provide the most affordable UI UX design course fee structure, with 3, 6, and 12 months EMI options. Use the following options for payment methods.

• Using a debit, Visa, or Mastercard for online banking.

• Cash

• An EMI payment plan for 3, 6, and 9 months is available.

• Via Paytm, Google Pay, and Phonepay

For more details on the UI UX course fees, contact us at 044 - 4560 5237. Our team will contact you shortly.

Our UI UX Designer course in Chennai is perfectly suitable for beginners. Freshers or experienced, everyone can enroll in our ui ux designing training to unleash your career. Our course modules are designed in such a way that it is best suited for students from beginner to advanced.

Of course. You will get a recorded session if you miss any of the UI UX classes so that you can study at your own pace. The recorded classes have a flexi pass access for 60 days. Further you can also have a discussion with the expert mentors on your next session.

The duration of the UI UX Designer course varies depending on prior expertise. The training for beginners typically includes 45+ hours of live, hands-on training. People with more experience might discover shorter choices. Through our ui ux design courses, students can develop their skills for designing efficient digital solutions.

You can contact us through the following ways.

• Call us at 044 - 4560 5237

• Reach us on Social media platforms

• Chat Window on our website

• Email us on: info@btreesystem.com

Drop your message/queries, and our career consultants gets in touch with you as soon as possible.

Absolutely! We at BTree Systems provide UI UX certificate programmes without a Bachelor's degree prerequisite. Our career-focused training provides you with useful UI UX design skills, ensuring your preparation for job and profitable career opportunities in the field of design.

The UI UX Desiginer Course in Chennai curriculum covers a wide range of subjects essential for creating successful digital experiences. The ui ux course gets into the core ideas, highlighting the value of carefully constructed designs in digital products, such as the contrast between UI and UX.

1. User Research

2. Visual Design

3. Wireframing and Prototyping

4. User-Centered Design

5. Mobile and Responsive Design

6. Web designing

7. Usability and Accessibility

The training provides students with access to industry-standard tools, real-world projects, and insights into current design trends.

Not at all. A non-tech person from a non-coding background can also enroll in our course to kick start their career in UI UX design. However, if you know how to code, it is highly appreciated and paves an easy path to grasp the concepts quickly.

There are no prerequisites for learning the ui ux designer certification. Moreover, knowledge of specific areas is beneficial for you!

• Coding languages

• Programming knowledge

• Prototyping

• Basic testing knowledge of UX and UI

Our UI UX design course is specifically designed to accommodate beginners. We start our course with an introduction to the basics, making the course accessible even if you have minimal experience. As you progress through the course, you'll build upon your existing skills and gain a deeper understanding of web automation.

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