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BTree Systems, best Python Training institute in Chennai. Python training in Chennai course covers the basics of python, data operations, Django, conditional statements, and shell scripting. Python course in Chennai provide you with real-time hands-on projects with our experts and prepare you to be a professional python programmer. The course is designed to help you learn Python and provide you with an internationally accredited certification.Our Python Training program also covers Django, a commonly-used Python web framework that you'll be able to use in your real-time Python projects and programs.

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Overview of Python Course in Chennai

A high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, Python is an interpreted, object-oriented language. Due to its high-level data structures and dynamic typing, it is a very attractive language for Rapid Application Development (RAD) and as a scripting or glue language for connecting existing components.

Python programming language is commonly used when developing websites, creating software, automating tasks, analyzing, and displaying data. Python is so easy to learn that even non-programmers use it for everyday tasks such as organizing finances.

Python is a language with many different software-related uses. It produces games, web frameworks, language development, prototyping, graphic design, and more. This is a key factor in why it stands out among other technologies. It is also quite easy to implement and incredibly readable.

ython is no different from other programming languages in that it typically takes 3 months to master one. Generally speaking, boot camps run for three to six months. A more general, cross-industry approach makes traditional university degrees excellent places to learn Python. If you decide to take a self-taught course, the time it takes to learn Python, probably rely on your dedication level and schedule.

Python’s easy, dependable code and vast libraries and frameworks appeal to those working in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Numerous machine learning-related functionalities are provided by frameworks like sci-kit-learn. Python is utilized in various sectors for a variety of purposes, including data science and visualization, computer vision, and natural language processing.

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My experience with the Python Certification I attended after joining Btree Systems is what I’d want to discuss. I was unable to move past the technical phases before two interviews. They trained us for three days on how to prepare for interviews and I was placed in Accenture.



Python Developer


UI Developer


Python Developer

I learned a lot by taking the python course, and it aided in my search for employment in the software industry. The assignments I finished in the lab significantly improved my success. The projects finished at Btree were tremendously beneficial when I started working and had to cope with numerous project conditions.



Python Django Developer


Selenim Testing


Python Django Developer

I gained a lot of knowledge from Btree System during the Python training course, which was beneficial and helped me land a terrific job at one of the top IT organizations. A variety of real-time programming concepts were taught understandably.



Software Engineer


Software Testing


Software Engineer

Python Course Skills Covered

Python Basic Constructs

Exception Handling


OOPS in Python


Python for Apache Spark

Pandas NumPy & SciPy

Web Scraping

Packages & Functions

Database Connections

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Python Corporate Training

Enroll in our Corporate Training program today and unlock the full potential of your Employees

Curriculum for Python Training in Chennai


  • What is Python
  • Python Feature
  • Python History & Versions
  • Python Applications
  • How to install Python?
  • Programming on an interactive Shell
  • Pycharm IDLE
  • Python First Program
  • Python print() Function
  • Python input() Function
  • Indention, Escape sequence
  • Type Casting


  • Identifiers
  • Keywords
  • Literals
  • Tokens
  • Data Type


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Identity Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Operator Precedence (Order of Operations)

if… elif…else

  • The if Statement
  • Significance of Indentation
  • Nested if Statement
  • The else Statement
  • The elif (else if) Statement
  • Substitute for Switch Case
  • Multiple Conditions
  • One Line if Statement
  • Conditional Expressions (ternary operator)
  • Check If Item Present in a Sequence

While Loop

  • Syntax
  • Basic Examples
  • Break in while Loop
  • Continue in while Loop
  • Else in While Loop
  • Infinte Loop (while true)

For Loop

  • Syntax
  • Basic Examples
  • Break in for Loop
  • Continue in for Loop
  • Else in for Loop
  • range() function in for loop
  • Nested for Loop
  • Access Index in for Loop
  • Unpacking in a for loop
  • Modify List While Iterating
  • Looping Through Multiple Lists


  • Create a List
  • The list() Constructor
  • Nested List
  • Access List Items by Index
  • Negative List Indexing
  • Access Nested List Items
  • Slicing a List
  • Change Item Value
  • Add items to a list
  • Combine Lists
  • Remove items from a list
  • List Replication
  • Find List Length
  • Check if item exists in a list
  • Iterate through a List
  • Python List Methods
  • Built-in Functions with List

Nested List

  • What is Python Nested List?
  • Create a Nested List
  • Access Nested List Items by Index
  • Negative List Indexing In a Nested List
  • Change Nested List Item Value
  • Add items to a Nested list
  • Remove items from a Nested List
  • Find Nested List Length
  • Iterate through a Nested List

List Slicing

  • Slicing a List
  • Slice with NegativeIndices
  • Slice with PositiveNegative Indices
  • Specify Step of the Slicing
  • Slice at Beginning End
  • Reverse a List
  • Modify Multiple List Values
  • Insert Multiple List Items
  • Delete Multiple List Items
  • Clone or Copy a List

List Comprehension

  • What is List Comprehension?
  • List Comprehension Examples
  • List Comprehension with if Clause
  • Nested List Comprehensions
  • List Comprehension vs map() + lambda
  • List Comprehension vs filter() + lambda
  • List Comprehensions and Variable Scope

List Methods

  • append(), insert(), extend()
  • remove(), pop(), clear(), sort()
  • copy(), count(), index(),reverse()
  • all(), any(), enumerate(), len(), list()
  • max(), min(), sorted(), sum()


  • What is Python Tuple?
  • Create a Tuple
  • Singleton Tuple
  • The tuple() Constructor
  • Nested Tuples
  • Tuple Packing Unpacking
  • Access Tuple Items
  • Tuple Slicing
  • Change Tuple Items
  • Delete a Tuple
  • Tuple Concatenation Repetition
  • Find Tuple Length
  • Check if item exists in a tuple
  • Iterate through a tuple
  • Tuple Sorting
  • Python Tuple Methods
  • Built-in Functions with Tuple

Tuple Methods

  • Count(), index()
  • all(), any(), enumerate(), len(),
  • max(), min(), sorted(), sum(), tuple()


  • What is PythonSet
  • Create a Set
  • Set constructor
  • Add Items to a Set
  • Remove Set Items
  • Find Set Size
  • Iterate Through a Set
  • Check if Item Exists in a Set
  • Set Operations
  • Python Frozenset
  • Built-in Set Functions

Set Comprehension

  • What is Set Comprehension?
  • SetCompConditional
  • SetCompNestedConditional
  • SetCompIfElse
  • NestedSetComp

Set methods

  • union(), update(), intersection()
  • intersection_update(), difference()
  • difference_update(), symmetric_difference()
  • symmetric_difference_update()
  • isdisjoint(), issubset(), issuperset()
  • all(), any(), enumerate(), len()
  • max(), min(), sorted(),sum()


  • What is Python dictionary
  • Create a Dictionary
  • The dict() Constructor
  • Other Ways to Create Dictionaries
  • Important Properties of a Dictionary
  • Access Dictionary Items
  • Add or Update Dictionary Items
  • Merge Two Dictionaries
  • Remove Dictionary Items
  • Get All Keys, Values and Key:Value Pairs
  • Iterate Through a Dictionary
  • Check if a Key or Value Exists
  • Find Dictionary Length
  • Python Dictionary Methods
  • Built-in Functions with Dictionary

Nested Dictionary

  • What is PythonNested Dictionary
  • Create a NestedDictionary
  • The dict() Constructor
  • Access Nested Dictionary Items
  • Change Nested Dictionary Items
  • Add or Update Nested Dictionary Items
  • Merge Two Nested Dictionaries
  • Remove Nested Dictionary Items
  • Iterate Through a Nested Dictionary

Dictionary Comprehension

  • What is Dictionary Comprehension?
  • More Examples
  • Extracting a Subset of a Dictionary
  • Filter Dictionary Contents
  • Invert Mapping / Reverse lookup
  • Dictionary Comprehension with Enumerate
  • Initialize Dictionary with Comprehension
  • Dictionary Comprehension with if Clause
  • Nested Dictionary Comprehension
  • Clear(), copy(), fromkeys(), get(), items()
  • Keys(), pop(), popitem(), setdefault(), update()
  • Values(), all(), any(), len(), sorted()


  • What is Python String
  • Create a String
  • Multiline Strings
  • The str() Constructor
  • Access by Index
  • Slicing a String
  • Modify a String
  • String Concatenation
  • Find String Length
  • Replace Text Within a String
  • Split and Join a String
  • String Case Conversion
  • Check if Substring Contains in a String
  • Iterate Through a String
  • Escape Sequence
  • Raw String
  • String Formatting
  • Python String Methods

String Slicing

  • Slicing a String
  • Slice with NegativeIndices
  • Slice with Positive& Negative Indices
  • Specify Step of the Slicing
  • Slice at Beginning & End
  • Reverse a String


  • What is Generator
  • How to create Generator function?
  • Yield vs. return
  • generator vs normal function
  • Advantage of generator
  • Pipelining with generator

String Methods

  • CStyle Formatting, FString
  • capitalize(), casefold(), center()
  • count(),encode(), endswith()
  • expandtabs(), find(), format(), index()

Regex & Range Function

  • What is Regex
  • Regex Functions
  • Forming a regular expression
  • Use of meta character, sequence, sets
  • Use of findall() function
  • Use of match object
  • What is Range Function?


  • Syntax
  • Create a Function
  • Call a Function
  • Pass Arguments
  • Types of Arguments
  • Positional Arguments
  • Keyword Argument
  • Default Argument Value
  • Variable Length Argument(*args and**kwargs)
  • Return Value
  • Return Multiple Values
  • Docstring
  • Composition
  • Nested Functions
  • Recursion
  • Assigning functions to variables
  • Python Function Executes at Runtime

Variables Scope

  • Local Scope
  • Global Scope
  • Modifying Globals Inside a Function
  • Enclosing Scope
  • Scoping Rule – LEGB Rule

Lambda Function

  • What is a Lambda Function
  • Basic Example
  • Important characteristics
  • Multiple Arguments
  • Ways to Pass Arguments
  • Lambdas With Map, Filter, and Reduce
  • Return Multiple Values
  • if else in a Lambda
  • List Comprehension in a Lambda
  • Jump Table Using a Lambda
  • Lambda Key Functions
  • Decorating a lambda
  • Lambda Closures


  • Python Functions
  • Simple Decorator
  • Syntactic Sugar
  • Decorating Functions that Takes Arguments
  • Returning Values from Decorated Functions
  • Preserving Function Metadata
  • Unwrapping a Decorator
  • Nesting Decorators
  • Applying Decorators to Built-in Functions
  • Real World Examples


  • Define a Property
  • property() Function
  • @property – Property as a Decorator
  • Real World Example
  • Computed Attributes
  • Extending a Property in a Subclass

Classes and Objects

  • Create a Class
  • The init () Method
  • The self-Parameter
  • Attributes
  • Instance Attribute
  • Class Attribute
  • Create an Object
  • Access and Modify Attributes
  • Methods
  • Instance Methods
  • Delete Attributes and Objects
  • Constructor
  • Namespace
  • Nested class


  • What Is Inheritance
  • Analogy
  • Defining a Base Class
  • Subclass
  • Override a Method
  • Add a Method
  • The super() Function
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance


  • Duck Typing
  • Strong Typing
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Operator Overriding


  • Abstract class
  • Interface
  • Package
  • Module
  • What is ExceptionHandling?
  • The try and except Block
  • Catch Multiple Exceptions
  • The Else Clause
  • The Finally Clause
  • Raising an Exception
  • User-defined Exceptions

Read and Write Txt Files

  • Open a File
  • Specify File Mode
  • Read a File
  • Read Lines
  • Write a File
  • Write Multiple Lines
  • Flush Output Buffer
  • Close a File
  • Create a New File
  • Delete a File
  • Check if File Exists
  • Random Access

Read/Write CSV Files

  • Open a CSV File
  • Specify File Mode
  • Close a CSV File
  • Read a CSV File
  • Write to a CSV File
  • Read a CSV File Into a Dictionary
  • Write a CSV File From a Dictionary
  • Use a different delimiter
  • Handle Comma Within a Data
  • Catching and ReportingErrors

DataBase Connection (MySQL)

  • Environment Setup
  • Database Connection
  • Creating New Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Insert Operation
  • Read Operation
  • Update operation
  • Join operation
  • Performing Transactions

DataBase Connection (MySql)

  • Environment Setup
  • Database Connection
  • Creating New Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Insert Operation
  • Read Operation
  • Update operation
  • Join operation
  • Performing Transactions

Pickling & Unpickling

  • What is pickling
  • What is dump()
  • What is unpickling
  • What is load()?
  • What is stack and queue
  • How to get the current time
  • Time Tuple
  • Getting formatted time
  • Sleep time
  • The datetime Module
  • Creating date object
  • Comparison of two dates
  • The Calendar Module
  • Printing the calendarof whole year

Thread (Multitasking)

  • Thread
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Thread Communication
  • Daemon Thread


  • Collection Module
  • OS Module
  • Math Module
  • Random Module
  • Statics Module
  • Sys Module


  • What is logging
  • Basic config(**kwargs) Method
  • Method for logging
  • Format
  • LogRecord Attribute


  • Array Representation
  • Array Operations
  • How to Change or Add Element
  • Why to use Array in Python?
  • How to delete element from an Array?
  • Finding the length of an Array
  • Array Concatenation

Command Line Arguments

  • What is commandline Arguments
  • What is argumentpassing
  • Why to use argparse
  • Access command line arguments
  • getopt, argparse, sys Module
  • How to use command line arguments

Python Magic Method

  • What is magic method
  • Why do we use
  • What is web scrapping
  • Why web scrapping
  • Why use pythonfor web scrapping

Python JSON

  • What is JSON
  • Working with python JSON
  • Serializing JSON
  • Deserialization JSON
  • Python Pretty Print JSON
  • Encoding and Decoding

Python Itertools

  • What is itertool
  • Infinite iterators
  • Combinatorics iterators
  • Terminating iterators
  • getcwh(),mkdir(),makedirs()
  • chdir(),rename(),rmdir()
  • removedirs(),walk()

Python Tkinter (GUI)

  • Python Tkinter
  • Tkinter Button
  • Tkinter Canvas
  • Tkinter Checkbutton
  • Tkinter Entry
  • Tkinter Frame
  • Tkinter Label
  • Tkinter Listbox
  • Tkinter Menubutton
  • Tkinter Menu
  • Tkinter Message
  • Tkinter Radiobutton
  • Tkinter Scale
  • Tkinter Scrollbar
  • Tkinter Text
  • Tkinter Toplevel
  • Tkinter Spinbox
  • Tkinter PanedWindow
  • Tkinter LabelFrame
  • Tkinter MessageBox

“Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in Python Training Course”

Python Course Training Options

Python Classroom Training

  • 50+ Hours of Live Classroom Training
  • Real-Time trainer assistance
  • Cutting-Edge on Python Training Course Tools
  • Non-Crowded training batches
  • Work on Real-time projects
  • Flexible timings for Sessions
Python Training Live training

Python Online Training

  • 50+ Hours of online Python Training
  • 1:1 personalised assistance
  • Practical knowledge
  • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
  • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
  • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

Python Training Certification in Chennai

Upon successful completion of our Python course, you receive our Python course certification. This certification creates a one-of-a-kind accreditation for entering the IT and software industries. Python certification holders have a great possibility of landing top jobs in MNC corporations.

Along with the certification, the abilities you learn in this course through practise sessions, case studies, and real projects make your resume stand out.

Aspirants who want to start a career in software development can enroll in this Python Training in Chennai at Btree Systems which guide them along a successful road.

Knowledge Hub with Additional Information of Python

• Python has various benefits that make it possible to construct websites quickly, including the following:

• Python offers a wide range of pre-built libraries for practically everything.

• Python contains everything you could need for scientific computing, image processing, data processing, machine learning, and deep learning.

• Python code is easier to create because of its clear and simple syntax.

• Python programming, therefore, lends itself quite well to producing fast prototypes.

• Commercial project ROI is accelerated with Python.

• This is due to the same factor as the preceding point: faster code writing and delivery. This is especially crucial for new businesses.

• The Unit test framework is incorporated into Python.

• You can ship bug-free code as a result.

• solutions that are quick to implement and “out of the box,” solutions that call for numerous specialized microservices to collaborate, and solutions where performance is essential.

If you are a technocrat, you probably already know that Python is frequently used for a variety of tasks, including creating websites, developing applications, creating video games, and creating other things

Furthermore, this programming language is used by cutting-edge technologies that are currently making a lot of noise in the market.

Artificial intelligence

This programming language’s future can also be forecasted by how it has aided and continues to aid in AI technology.

To direct AI to outperform human efforts with more efficiency for various development purposes, several Python frameworks, modules, and tools have been developed.

Big Data:

In addition to AI technologies, the programming language has made significant contributions to the field of Big Data by using its high-performance toolkits and libraries to analyze numerous data sets.


Python may be used for a variety of networking operations, including reading, writing, configuring routers and switches, and carrying out several other networking automation tasks that are both cost-effective and safe, demonstrating that it has a wider range of applications.

For a senior software developer with team and project management skills, the salary might reach Rs 2,000,000 annually. Python-skilled web developers can also expect to make around Rs. 8,00,000 annually. Lead software engineer (up to Rs 2,000,000 per year), data scientist (Rs 7,00,000 per year), machine learning engineer (Rs 6,70,000 per year), data analyst (Rs 4,17,000 per year), and more are other comparable employment titles.

• Python has various benefits that make it possible to construct websites quickly, including the following:

• Python offers a wide range of pre-built libraries for practically everything.

• Python contains everything you could need for scientific computing, image processing, data processing, machine learning, and deep learning.

• Python code is easier to create because of its clear and simple syntax.

• Python programming, therefore, lends itself quite well to producing fast prototypes.

• Commercial project ROI is accelerated with Python.

• This is due to the same factor as the preceding point: faster code writing and delivery. This is especially crucial for new businesses.

• The Unit test framework is incorporated into Python.

• You can ship bug-free code as a result.

• solutions that are quick to implement and “out of the box,” solutions that call for numerous specialized microservices to collaborate, and solutions where performance is essential.

Our Student feedback

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Azure DevOps

Python Full Stack Certification

Dilli Babu

Python Full Stack

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AWS Solution Architect

GMB Profile
Vel Murugan

Python Developer

I chose BTree Systems for my Python for Data Science course because I was impressed by their vast curriculums. The best academic course I have taken was this one. I currently earn an excellent wage as a Junior Data Engineer at a multinational company. I'm glad I went to the training, and the instructors were excellent.
GMB Profile

Product Manager

One of the best training centres for Python and Java in Chennai, I attended online classes from Ramesh Trainer, He took the class lively with many real-time project sessions in Python and Advanced Java.
GMB Profile

Software Developer

I enrolled in Byree systems full stack python developer training. It was quite helpful to me and I want to thank my trainer, Mr. Vignesh, for all of his excellent instruction. It was fantastic how they made all the classes engaging. I learned more and had a good experience. My perspective on python full stack certification was expanded by their extensive course offerings. Despite my objections. They will patiently teach me understanding.
Manoj Kumar

Software Engineer

I have completed PYTHON training at BTREE Systems and got placement in CMMi level 5 organisation. I was not having any programming knowledge before joining this course. Now, I can say that I am expertise with python programming language. Python trainer was so technical and completely trained as with hands-on experience. BTree also provided industry best materials and conducted online tests and internal interviews. Thanks BTREE. I strongly recommend BTree Systems for Python Training.

Hear From Our Hiring Partners


Lead Recruiter at Accenture

We have consistently hired learners from BTree Systems and have been impressed with their skills and knowledge. Their ability and expertise have made them valuable assets to our team. We are impressed with the professionals they produce.

Lead Recruiter at TCS

Among the many good things to mention, one of the best that catches our attention about the BTree Systems learners is the all-round skills they bring on to the table. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with BTree Systems.

BTREE's Placement Guidance Process

Career Process in BTree
BTree Placement Support

Placement Support

Have queries? We’re here for you! We support you with 24X7 availability with all comprehensive guidance.

BTree Sample Resumes

Python Training Sample Resume

Build a robust resume with battle-cut tools to land your dream job. Impress any recruiter with a rock-solid CV and personality!

BTree Free Career Consultation

Free Career Consultation

Overwhelmed about your future career? We offer free career consultation that helps you to figure out what you want to become.

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FAQ on Python Training in Chennai

• Adequate classroom supplies

• 100% Hands-on training skills

• The course curriculum was modeled after and created by a renowned specialist. Trainers A flexible batch schedule

• Sector Exposure

• Logical course Support for Fees and Placements

At BTree Systems, we offer comprehensive training in Python software concepts including WBS, Activities, EPS, OBS, Roles & Resources, Tracking, and Reporting project performance under the guidance of Real-time projects.

More than 300 students have received instruction from BTree Systems to date. Our students have been overwhelmingly positive about the training and placements provided by BTree System.

No, there are no prerequisites for Python software.

The popular Python web frameworks flask and Django. A Web framework in a bundle is called Django. Flask is a lightweight, extensible framework. Flask helps you to understand how every component from the back-end functions to get a small web application for operating when you want to dive deeper into learning the code and core principles. Django, on the other hand, has more patterns and designs for understanding new ideas. For both frameworks, there is a sizable community backup, so if you run into difficulties, you always have a sizable backup to help you out.

• Python is a programming language that is employed in

• Automation or Machine Learning Scripting

• Analysis of Data

• Development of websites, video games, and software, as well as prototyping.

• Students who receive certification from Btree Systems Python Training in Chennai are given a thorough explanation of Python’s fundamentals and applications.

Our course materials are created to give students a practical introduction to Python. The course is divided into theoretical lectures that cover the fundamentals of each module and are followed by intensive practical sessions that represent the demands and challenges of the industry today. These sessions require the students’ time and dedication.

With over 600+ small, immediate posts, and MNCs, we are pleased and glad to report that we have solid relationships. Python Specialist positions are available at several of these businesses. In addition, our students receive 100% placement support from our extremely active placement cell. Even after the course has ended, the cell still makes a contribution by coaching students in mock interviews and conversations.

All of our locations in Chennai follow a consistent curriculum and instructional strategy. The batch timings, however, may vary depending on the kind of pupils who show up.

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